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Between a man who is “hot” and a man who is “sexy,” there is a difference. A hot guy usually has a good physique, works out several times each week, dresses well, has a great haircut, a cute face (and other assets), etc. When he strolls down the street, he draws attention. In other words, he has a handsome exterior. On the other side, a guy who is hot might not have the best physique or the nicest hairstyle. However, after speaking with him for a while, you might be prepared to take off your pants. His attitude, charisma, confidence, the way he gently touches your shoulder, etc. all contribute to his beauty. In other words, he is alluring from the inside out.

There is therefore hope for those of us who did not naturally possess six-pack abs or buns of steel. Because everyone has the potential to be attractive! You must practise and hone your “sexual talents” like any other ability. You’ll be prepared for the catwalk in no time, though, once you develop some confidence, learn to turn up your charm, and undo a few shirt buttons.

The even better news is as follows. Since it takes a lot more to hold someone’s attention than just being a hot guy to do so. And that’s when the attractive guy’s magnetism comes into play. Being sexy is knowing the ideal thing to say at the ideal time and how to project the ideal sexual feelings to keep him curious.

Stop stressing about your imperfect physique and enrol in Sexiness 101 seminars instead. Your attractive and aware of it!

When you refer to someone as ‘hot’, do you mean the same thing as they are ‘sexy’, or is there a difference?

In my perspective, the term “hot” is used to describe someone who has a dreamy appeal and few physical flaws. Typically, blonde women with smooth skin or muscular men are the stereotypes for this (six pack).
Contrarily, I believe that the term “sexy” alludes to a broader sexual attraction that isn’t always related to the body. Sexy appears to have more flaws and to have extras like dress and romance.

Simply expressed, I believe that when you find someone attractive, it is because you find them lustfully seductive. The sexual appeal is more of a romantic one if you think someone is attractive. (Of course, you can still think of someone as sexy and hot.)

What do you think, then? Do you share my opinion? Or do you object? How do you define hot? How would you define sex? Do they vary at all, to begin with? or are they simply synonyms for each other? Is this discussion ineffective? Do you want to know what made me start this thread? Is this subject really important? Who knows, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

What Makes a Girl Cute?

Personality:-  a likeable personality with a demure bearing. “Cute” typically conveys a feeling of innocence. Additionally, many people will find a girl to be “cute” if she is petite in stature.

What Makes a Girl Hot?

Physical Qualities— Men usually allude to a girl’s physical appeal and how she appears both in and out of clothing when they say she is “hot.”

What Makes a Girl Sexy?

someone with good communication skills and a self-assured demeanour. Many men define “sexy” as having a life of one’s own, including interests, friends, objectives, a career, etc., but most importantly, it’s a woman who is modest about her alluring charm. She doesn’t give herself to just anyone since she is aware of her value.

Numerous males also claimed that being sexy was an act rather than a trait. Something that your partner saves just for you as her partner, like “ridiculously erotic, well-planned or spontaneous deeds.”

This is what women PREFER to be called:

  • 24% prefer cute
  • 27% prefer hot
  • 27% prefer sexy
  • 22% said it was circumstantial

It is entirely circumstantial. I sometimes wish people would refer to me as cute since I (lol) think I’m cute and endearing. Please refrain from calling me cute while I’m wearing a leather skirt since there are moments when I want to be seen as hot in my leather skirt. A lovely puppy. Don’t dress me up in leather so that I feel like a cute puppy. Many women share the men’s belief that being sexy is an act rather than a trait when it comes to sex. However, it is clear to everyone that more than 50% of women voted against being termed cute. So more frequently than not, call your hot and sexy mate hot and sexy.

One more point: These words, in my opinion, represent important turning points. Some women said it would be offensive if someone labelled them hot or seductive right away. In the very beginning of dating, I believe the word “cute” is a fantastic place to start. We appreciate everyone who took the time to comment on this issue.

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