How to Add Value to Your Custom Mailer Boxes?


With more products available to ship now than ever, no longer you can solely rely on having an amazing product. Of course, primary packaging plays a vital role in influencing your customers’ buying decision, but secondary packaging adds value by reinforcing your brand and enhancing product visibility in the crowded marketplace.

Above all, mailer boxes have simplified the shipping process. The multipack provides necessary protection without adding extra weight. Also, this saves you a good deal of time and labor. In an increasingly complex and fiercely competitive market, mailer boxes can prove really beneficial for both manufacturers and suppliers.

But that’s not all. These boxes offer other benefits too if you manage to add more value by knowing what customers desire and what businesses truly need.

Think About Convenience

In postal packaging, tear strips are fast becoming a popular choice as they are being built into a variety of packaging solutions ranging from shipping boxes to envelopes, and larger cartons. Thanks to this simple and effective feature, opening mailer boxes has become a hassle-free affair. More importantly, it has remarkably improved the overall experience for customers and leaves a positive reminiscence for the future.

The secure sealing feature is another convenience that adds value to your custom mailer boxes. Secondary packaging with lock construction is an ideal example of boxes that boosts convenience on the business side. By making it easier to seal your boxes, companies can cut the amount of time required to ship products. This will make their packing space more efficient and save them cash too.

Be More Environmentally Conscious

With more and more consumers becoming conscious of issues like plastic pollution and climate change, it’s important for brands and retailers to listen and react to their concerns than ever. According to the Legacy Printing, environmentally friendly mailer boxes wholesale supply can be used by the companies as a unique selling proposition because it could be a major reason for customers to prefer your products over the competition.

In fact, this specific packaging is gaining more traction in the media as it’s more efficient and easier to recycle than plastic material that doesn’t decompose even years after disposal. Many businesses in the US are already opting to use eco-friendly mailer boxes since they are easier to recycle. On top of it, these environmentally friendly boxes will help you cut the cost of the packaging itself.

Evaluate the Cost-Effectiveness

Cutting the packaging cost and ensuring that funds are saved throughout the supply chain process, is something that is on the minds of every business owner. It’s unnecessary that an expensive or high-end product must come in expensive packaging. Likewise, an expensive doesn’t always mean high-quality packaging. Consider using less expensive alternatives like custom mailer box packaging.

Many companies place their branded boxes in bigger, less branded packaging because they prove as effective as their branded counterparts without costing you an arm and a leg. As mentioned earlier, eco-friendly packaging materials such as boxes made out of recycled pulp can be more affordable and sustainable.

In addition, you should analyze your packing and see if you are using any excessive packaging. Examine when you need to use the protective material and when you can avoid it to avail the dead space inside your packaging. Another way to save big is by getting your packaging in bulk. Top packaging companies like the Legacy Printing offer great discounts and better prices on bulk orders.

In case you are an established business that often sees its orders coming in, you can consider ordering your packaging in one go to gain better pricing per unit.

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