How To Control On Diabetes- Steps to Manage Your Diabetes for Lifetime

Diabetes prevention

Diabetes (sugar) patients stop circling doctors, and take this indigenous medicine. If you have sugar disease in your body, meaning there is a disease of diabetes, then God has given the medicine to cure it in your house. If the diabetes is to be cured, then take the methidana present in the house and grind it and make powder. Take some bitter gourd with methidana. Dry the bitter gourd in the sun and make its powder. If you find a kernel of berries in your house, dry it and make a powder of its kernels. If the berries are in the house then it is fine, otherwise you can buy berries from the market. Then there will be neem trees around you, dry its nimboli and make powder. And dry the leaves of the bellpasther and make a powder.

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Now we have fenugreek seed powder, berries powder, neem powder, belt powder and bitter gourd powder mixed with five things and mix it with Gudmark, Gudmark is a grass which is a grass which is a grass which Will be found at the grocery store. Fill all these medicines in equal quantity and keep it in a vial. This is a very good medicine for diabetes.

How to take – Take it with one teaspoon of hot water in the morning and one teaspoon in the evening. That too about an hour before eating, if you started taking it regularly, then your sugar will be cured forever with this medicine. And then if you normally keep doing half an hour of Anulom Antonyms and Kapalbhati, both in the morning and evening, your sugar will be cured quickly. And when your sugar is cured or normal, then you stop this medicine. And if you keep the pranayam on, then with the help of Pranayama, there will never be diabetes again throughout life.

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