Scientific Knowledge About Proper Way Of Taking Bath-Must Read

Scientific Knowledge About Proper Way Of Taking Bath

For your healthy and safe life, please read and teach this post. Have you ever seen or heard around you that the elderly got paralyzed while bathing? The brain vein burst (brain hemorrhage), heart attack occurred.

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While bathing a small child, he keeps trembling, afraid and mother understands that she is afraid to take a bath,

But it is not so; Actually, all this happens by bathing wrongly.

Actually, the secret electric power in our body is produced due to the continuous flow of blood (blood), whose health natural direction starts from above and comes down to the legs.

The head contains very fine blood, which causes blood to the brain.

If a person takes a bath by putting cold water directly in the head, then these ducts start shrinking or blood clots

And when the body is unable to bear them, the incidents written above are with the elderly after years.

By pouring water directly on the head, our head starts to cool down, due to which the heart has to send blood to the head more rapidly, which can either cause a heart attack or brain vein in the elderly.

Similarly, the control mechanism of the child also responds immediately, causing heat in the body, and the mother understands that the child is afraid.

Bathing wrongly increases the heartbeat of the child and test yourself.

So let us tell you the best way to bath.

Sit comfortably in the bathroom or standing, first pour water on the claws of the foot, rub, then on the calf, then on the knees, then put water on the thighs and massage it with hands.

Then take water from your hands and rub the stomach. Then pour water on the shoulders, then take water in Anjuli and rub it on the mouth. Take water with hands and rub it on the head.

After this, you can take a bath by standing under the shower or pouring it on the bucket head.

This process takes only 1 minute but it protects your life. And in this 1 minute, the electrical power of the body flows from top to bottom in the natural direction because the water attracting the electrical is first poured on the legs.

He is not afraid at all when the child is bathed in this way.

In this process, the heat of the body comes out of the urine, you will never have a cold fever in any winter.

Please send this post forward, it is very useful for young children, the elderly

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