Co Don Danh Cho Nguyen Si Kha

Co Don Danh Cho Nguyen Si Kha

As I  listened to one of my favorite new release shows this past Friday, I was struck with a question, is the Indie musician just a survivor or the savior of the music business?

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We’ve all heard the stories about the business, for every successful band/singer, there are a studio full of failures. The numbers are staggering against our creative heroes. And then there are the second tier stories of labels issuing one-sided, loophole filled contracts, but does it even out at some point? Are we the listeners, the buyers, getting to hear the saviors of music, or just struggling to find the survivors?

For years the indie bands have been just trying to survive in a sea of sharks, big sharks. Getting heard and finding and ever growing audience was a monumental task that even the strongest willed and determined bands might’ve found too daunting. But time has been kind to our Indie survivors. As the world has continued to change, it appears that it may be in their favor.

I just started thinking how the advent of technology has not only allowed the Indie artist to record at reasonable costs, but also to manage their own debt in a way that wouldn’t prohibit them from growing over a period of time. Most businesses need a bit of time to settle into there niche. There’s no reason to dent that a band that stays together, and experiences life together, will over time produce a better catalog of songs.

Sure there are the downsides of not having a major corporation promoting their product, but there are also freedoms like in writing and producing without ‘the single’ being the focus, without someone else’s vision overshadowing the creator’s.

As a listener, the avid fan can find more music available today then ever. We may have to work a little harder to find it, but if we’re open to new ideas, new sounds, and new resources, then the gems that are out there are discover able.

So as the business continues to morph, and both sides try to find solid ground to stand on, I for one am hoping that there’s a positive Indie trend happening, and that we’re witnessing the saviors of music and not just the survivors. Let me encourage you to get your keyboard dirty, and search out the podcasts, blogs, and internet radio stations for tomorrow’s creatives. They’re out there, and they’re amazingly talented and driven.

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