Interstate Moving and Storage

Interstate Perth removalists assist businesses, homeowners, and renters with moving and storing their belongings and materials safely. From container storage and storage units, multiple indoor and outdoor conditions and storage dimensions are available for those who need to put away items on a short- or long-term basis. Also, when getting storage when moving away from Perth, those who are moving can get assistance with carrying, loading, transporting, and unloading boxes and heavy objects with the peace of mind knowing that removal professionals come with liability insurance to compensate for potential damages and other mishaps.

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Removalist Costs

The average cost to hire removalists is in the ballpark of $75-$300 per hour, whereas most pricing is in the $140-$160 range. However, most of the pricing depends on the difficulty (i.e., bulk quantity and heavy lifting) and distance of the move (i.e., local moves and storage are cheaper than moves and storage when moving away from Perth), house size, and preparation time. A rather significant cost deduction can be made towards total moving and storage costs when personally packing and unpacking boxes and materials that are assembled or disassembled. Moving the boxes and items near the entrance, loading dock, or at a location nearest to the moving truck, which should be parked as close to the building or house as possible, can also be cost-efficient, as removalists will spend less time walking in and out of the building and the distance between the house and moving truck is reduced.

Expected Total

In Perth and surrounding areas, here are the average move price on apartment and home size:

  • $307 for a studio location
  • $583 for a 1-bedroom
  • $950 for a 2-bedroom
  • $1,295 for a 3-bedroom

Storage Costs

In Perth, the average monthly self-storage price is $230, but prices can range from $61-$560 for anyone needing storage when moving away from Perth. Costs vary based on whether the unit is inside, outside, or on the ground or upper floor. Also, if the storage unit is climate controlled or has contemporary door types (i.e., rollers over hinges) or insurance to reimburse some or all of the costs of damaged or stolen values due to a burglary, explosion, fire, water, or storm damage, or property damage. Currently, the most popular storage unit size is 3 meters by 3 meters, which is suitable for 1-to-2-bedroom homes, but here are the prices of standard storage unit sizes:

  • Extra Small (1.5m x 1.5x): $90-$110/month
  • Small (1.5m x 3m): $120-135/month
  • Medium (3m x 3m): $220-$250/month
  • Large (3m x 6m): $360-$415
  • Extra Large (6m x 4.5m): $390-450/month

Inside vs. Outside Storage

Unlike inside storage units, outside storage units are known as drive-up units, but they, unfortunately, cost slightly more on average at $415 per month since they are typically deeper and higher than indoor units, even big enough to store a vehicle in some instances. On the one hand, interior belongings should be stored in indoor climate- or temperature-controlled indoor units. On the other hand, recreational or seasonal items, like jet skis, motorbikes, off-road vehicles, quad bikes, scooters, and trucks, can be stored individually outdoors at a cheaper rate, as low as $200 per month.  

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