Is Your Roof Ready For Next Showers A Ultimate Guide For 2023?

roof waterproofing in Park Slope NY.

We have so much to attend to that we often fail to ponder upon an important question. Is our home roof ready for next showers? It is the monsoon time of year and this question becomes more important than any time of the year. 

The roof is crucial for the support of a building’s infrastructure and protects your family and home against all harsh weathers. But in doing so it gets weaker by the passage of time. It rightly said that there are three major enemies of roofs. They are water, wind, and lack of maintenance. 

If you worry about your roof’s ability to prevent water leaks, hire professionals for roof waterproofing in Pennsylvania 

What Is Water Proofing?

As the name suggests the roof is treated with materials which prevent the water from entering the roof structure and building walls. Waterproofing is not just for the roof but it can also be used to prevent basements and garages from water damages.

Waterproofing is generally obtained by applying layers of water-resistant materials such as epoxy, liquid membranes, and bituminous coatings. Water ingress is prevented quite effectively of the choice of material and contractor is done after due consideration.

Types Of Waterproofing

Water coming down as rain is only an enemy when it doesn’t find a route to move away from roofs. You can prevent water damages by waterproofing. It is only possible if you are well acquainted with the knowledge about types of waterproofing commonly used by experts.

1. Epoxy Coating

It is common for homeowners to worry about old and worn out roofs after they have experienced some kind of water leakage and associated damage. Epoxy is a resin easily available and highly appreciated for its resilience and durability. It is most suitable to coat large surface areas. 

Epoxy is perfect for walkways and flooring. It is equally fit to be used as a roof coating. It can be customized for your roof needs as they are available in a variety of finishes.

2. Liquid Membrane Proofing

Liquid membrane proofing technique is gaining popularity in the last few decades. It is easy to install and installation is worth the investment. It is durable and the best thing about liquid membrane proofing is that it adjusts with the seasonal changes such as contraction and expansion of roof materials.

3. Torch Applied Membrane Proofing

One of the most used waterproofing technique is torch-applied membrane proofing. It is also an easy technique with quite durable results. It has proven to be effective on difficult surfaces such as balconies. It is installed by binding waterproof membranes to the roof surface by the use of a torch.  

4. Brick Bat Waterproofing

It is a cheap way to waterproof your roof but it works well. A layer of thickness 110mm on average is applied over the roof. It is made up of soaked brickbats and a layer of mortar. It provides thermal insulation to the building.  

5. Bituminous Waterproofing

One of the simplest methods is to apply a coat of coal tar over the roof surface. It provides flexibility to some extent and provides commendable waterproofing. It absorbs heat so it is often discarded as an option in hotter areas.    

Hire Professionals For Quality Work

Whenever you need help for your roofing system, hire an insured, certified and affordable construction company in Park Slope NY. Professionals are skilled to provide quality services so that you may enjoy the good things about the rain. You will not have to worry about leaky roofs for a long time to come.  


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