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Kristin Denise Smart, a young woman who vanished from the Cal Poly campus in 1996, was also known by the monikers “Kris,” “Roxy,” and “Scritter.” She vanished, and foul play is suspected; she was pronounced dead in 2002. The search for her remains would pick back up in September 2016.

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Police detained Paul Flores and his father in April 2021 in relation to the alleged murder of Kristin.


In the early hours of May 25, 1996, Smart was observed walking back to her dorm with fellow student Paul Flores. After that, she vanished. Both had supposedly been drinking before leaving the party, though it is unknown if either seemed drunk at the time. There were no indications that she had entered the room, leading one to conclude that she had not yet arrived at her goal. Given that she had brought the necessities for even a quick outing after her roommate got worried, a voluntary disappearance was implausible.

Based on his abrupt withdrawal and expulsion from the institution, as well as his contradictory claims that he had a black eye the day after Smart vanished, Flores continues to be the leading suspect. Two lawsuits have been brought by her family against Flores.

It being a holiday weekend, so it took some time for her case to be investigated after she vanished. Calibrator dogs’ behaviour toward Flores’ dorm-room bed indicated the presence of (unspecified) suspicious-looking stuff. He has refused to work with authorities since her absence was recognised as a major issue. Additionally, he refused to agree to a lesser charge of manslaughter in exchange for revealing the whereabouts of her remains.

Recent Developments

A significant development in the case was claimed to have occurred in January 2020. Denise Smart, Kristin’s mother, claimed that she had recently received a call from the FBI and been instructed to prepare for a development that would put an end to the case. Shortly later, the FBI publicly said that the person they had spoken to was a former FBI agent and that they had not contacted Kristin’s parents. Two automobiles connected to Kristin’s disappearance are currently listed in police evidence, it was verified later in January.


  • Naturally brown hair, dyed dark blond
  • Brown eyes
  • Tanned complexion
  • Several birthmarks:
    • One near the left corner of her mouth.
    • One above and below the left cheekbone, near the ear
    • Left side of neck
    • Some on the left upper-arm


  • Gray tee shirt
  • Black nylon shorts
  • Red and white Puma shoes


  • Stafford County Jane Doe (1998)

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