Kristin Smart Murder Trial: Paul Flores Found Guilty 26 Years After Disappearance

kristin smart

Paul Flores was convicted by a jury in California of killing Kristin Smart, a college student, in 1996 when she was 19 years old.

He will be sentenced on December 9. He could spend the rest of his life in prison.

In connection with the crime, his father, Ruben Flores, was found not guilty of accessory to murder.

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Former Smart classmate Paul Flores was charged with murder, and his father was accused of aiding and abetting the crime. He allegedly helped conceal Smart’s body on his Arroyo Grande property before transferring it in 2020, according to the prosecution.

At California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Smart vanished while returning from a party. Although no trace of her remains has ever been recovered, Paul and Ruben Flores were detained in April 2021 after police allegedly discovered proof of Smart’s murder in their homes.

Although two juries heard the case concurrently, Paul and Ruben Flores were tried at the same time. A decision was made in the case of Ruben Flores on Monday; however, it remained secret until the verdict in the case of Paul Flores was announced on Tuesday.

Extremely Unhappy By The Not-Guilty Verdict Is The Prosecutor

Chris Peuvrelle, a deputy district attorney for San Luis Obispo County, told reporters that he was “very unhappy” with the jury’s decision to acquit Ruben Flores because he believed he had demonstrated the father’s guilt as an accessory to the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

But he continued, “I think we all accept the jury’s decision and value the time they took to deliberate.”

Podcaster Thanked By Da For Assisting In Locating “Vital” Evidence

Dan Dow, the district attorney for San Luis Obispo County, expressed gratitude to a true-crime podcaster after the jury found the accused of killing Kristin Smart guilty.

In 2019, Chris Lambert began the television series “Your Own Backyard,” which detailed Smart’s disappearance and sparked new interest in the case.

Dow stated that Lambert “dedicated many hours to keep Kristin’s memory and the case in the forefront of people’s hearts and thoughts in our communities.”

Additionally, he claimed, the podcast assisted in locating additional witnesses and supporting documentation that was “essential in the prosecution of this case.”

Sheriff Promises To Return Kristin Smart To Her Home.

Sheriff Ian Parkinson of San Luis Obispo County informed reporters that the case involving Kristin Smart “is not concluded.”

He stated during a press conference with the family on Tuesday that “this case will not be over until Kristin is back home.” I’m still devoted to that.

Smart Vanished In 1996, And Her Body Was Never Located.

“Without Kristin, there is no joy or gladness with this verdict,” said Stan Smart.

Stan Smart, Kristin Smart’s father, spoke on the family’s behalf after the guilty judgement.

He told reporters during a press conference with the district attorney’s office and sheriff’s office of San Luis Obispo County on Tuesday that “without Kristin, there is no joy or happiness with this verdict.”

Speaking to his daughter directly, he described the trip to the trials as “long, exhausting, and heartbreaking.”

“To beloved Kirstin, nearly three decades ago, the night you vanished, our lives were irrevocably changed,” he added. “Be aware that each and every one of us carries your spirit forward.”

There isn’t a day that passes by that you aren’t missed, thought of, loved, and honoured, he added.

At the press conference were also Kristin Smart’s mother, brother, and sister.

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