Meet Robot Waiter working in Nepalese restaurant, by Ginger and Ferry, learn how this works

Kathmandu: The service of a new restaurant, which was launched in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, is attracting people to these days. The specialty of this restaurant is that customers here are serving robot food instead of waiters. The slogan of this restaurant is ‘Where Food Meets Technology’ (where food and technology meet). In the ‘The Noulo Restaurant’ (New in Nepali called Noulo), five robots work in place of waiters and assistants. Three of them are named Ginger and two are named Ferries. They are designed by Nepali company Piela Technologies. The 6 young engineers of this company have made it, which specializes in robotics and artificial intelligence technology.

Let us tell you that Noula is not the first digitized robotic restaurant of Nepal, but also in South Asia such robotic restaurants. Bina Raut, CEO of Piela Technology and Noulo Restaurant, said that our robot is among the world’s most advanced robot robots. This user is friendly and it is easy to operate.

Works like this
The restaurant has a menu on a tablet in a digital form from where the order is placed, which reaches directly to the restaurant’s kitchen. When a dish is ready, the robot will pick them up from the kitchen and bring it to the customer’s table. This is the first time in the country that the Made in Nepal Robot has been used in a restaurant.


Route, 27, who has completed his engineering studies from India and UK, said, “We visited many countries like India, China and Japan to understand its design and framework before the robot launch in Nepal. Now our goal is to present this Nepali robot in the international market. The specialty of Robot Ginger is that there is AI technology in it and it can recognize things, there is also Auto Dock Ability technology with natural language processing. The interesting thing is that Robot Jokes also offers answers to some basic questions in English and Nepali languages.


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Piela Technology had earlier established a Human Robot named Fairy in a branch of Nepal SBI, after which it started working in the Hospitality Sector. The PRI has been installed in the Digital Branch of the Bank, to guide the customers. Works. He first welcomes customers from Good Afternoon and Welcome to Nepal SBI Entach.

Piela Technology has invested at least 15 million Nepali rupees ($ 134,568) on research in this subject in the last few years Have spent.

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