Meet this driver of Ola-Uber Cab, Watch this as the hero of Youtube

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A driver working in Ola and Uber has made a different identity on YouTube today.Dissatisfied with his job, he uploaded a video and uploaded it, and thus began his journey.
Goldie Singh, who runs Ola Uber Cab on the streets of New Delhi, is a simple driver, but on social media platform YouTube today, she has become a hero. Goldi Singh, who spent 12 hours on his daily routine, is quite fond of Youtube due to his movable videos. Starting in January this year, he has around 18,000 subscribers from his channel and today his country and abroad. With technical video as well as other drivers like you on your channel, technical advice is also given. When the first video he put was about 2.7 LAKH The time was seen. Actually he was not satisfied with his job. In such a way, there was an idea of ​​something different in his mind.
Meet this driver of Ola-Uber Cab, with a view that YouTube’s Hero Ola and a driver working in Uber have made a different identity on YouTube today. Dissatisfied with his job, he uploaded a video and uploaded it, and thus began his journey. ola uber driver became famous youtuber Ola Uber driver created by Famous youtube
Also read: Meet Robot Waiter, Ginger and Ferry, working at Nepali Restaurant, learn how this video of this video was seen more than 10,000 times in two weeks and it has 76 subscribers. After that he became inspired and made video. He told me that my brother had told me that if people want to hear you then talk to them. This is how my journey started. Many women covered the story of Gundi Singh. Through this video, Goldie Singh wants to create a community of Ola Uber drivers Talk about issues like this and your rights. He has focused on 100 video cab drivers in any video he has ever done. Through his video he has told how he can do good in his profession. His YouTube channel is based primarily on motivational and tech topics. Apart from this, he also uploads comedy videos. According to Singh, I can not change the hail or the rear but these videos can definitely make some changes in them or drivers. Think of it differently the customers I will start. Singh says that he wants to come to TV. They have an insect of acting. There are many people like him who come in reality shows, so I think that such a day will definitely come for me and I am moving forward in this direction. Many of my follower say that I should go to the Big Boss.

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