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Welcome to Minthis Golf Club – A golfer’s paradise located among the breathtaking hills of Tsada, Cyprus. The golf club, which is part of the larger Minthis Hills resort, provides an excellent 18-hole championship course designed by famous architect Donald Steel. Minthis Golf Club is a prestigious venue that guarantees an amazing golfing experience with its rich history, breathtaking views, and tough fairways.

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Minthis Golf Club

Minthis Golf Club is a spectacular golf resort on Cyprus recognized for its beautiful vistas, luxurious modern apartments, par 72 18-hole championship golf course, impressive clubhouse, and golf academy.

Minthis Golf Club, an exquisite hideaway, is situated in the center of a 12th century monastery, which gave rise to the resort’s name.

MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus

Minthis Golf Club is conveniently located on the outskirts of Pafos, Cyprus, in the lovely village of Tsada. The location offers the ideal balance of accessibility to the city’s cultural attractions and the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside. The scenic site among the hills provides golfers with stunning views of the surrounding environment.

About MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus

Minthis Golf Club dates back to the late twentieth century, when it was founded as “Tsada Golf Club.” The club expanded throughout time and became a vital part of the greater Minthis Hills resort, comprising luxury residential properties and a plethora of first-rate services. The name change to “Minthis Golf Club” honors the neighboring ancient temple devoted to the goddess Aphrodite, linking the golf course to the region’s rich historical legacy.

Golf Course Design: The precisely crafted 18-hole championship golf course at Minthis Golf Club is a true monument to Donald Steel’s architectural prowess. The course is designed to take use of the natural environment, with undulating fairways, strategic bunkers, and difficult greens. Players are treated to breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean countryside and the magnificent Minthis Hills as they negotiate the course.

Facilities & Services: Minthis Golf Club offers a variety of first-rate amenities to improve every golfer’s experience. A well-stocked pro store caters to golfers’ demands by stocking the most recent equipment and apparel. Golf lessons are given from competent instructors for players of all ability levels. After a round of golf, golfers may relax and savor scrumptious culinary delights at the club’s restaurant while taking in breathtaking views of the course and surrounding countryside.

Golf Tournaments and Events: Minthis Golf Club offers a variety of golf tournaments and events throughout the year, attracting both professional and amateur golfers. These tournaments not only present exciting challenges, but they also develop a sense of community among golf lovers. The event management crew of the club ensures that every competition and outing runs smoothly.

Nature and Sustainability: Minthis Golf Club is dedicated to conserving the natural environment and supporting sustainable practices. Water usage, landscaping, and wildlife conservation are all carefully considered to ensure that the golf course exists in harmony with the surrounding natural beauty.

FAQ’s about MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus

Frequently asked questions by our community about MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus.

What is the green fee price for MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus?

The price of a green fee price at MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus is between €85.00 – €120.00. You can book or reserve a tee time at MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus via Leading Courses by clicking the corresponding buttons on the top of the page.

What is the phone number of MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus?

The phone number of MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus is: +357 26828200.

Does MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus have a driving range?

Yes, there is a driving range at MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus

Can you rent golf clubs at MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus?

Yes, it is possible to rent golf clubs at MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus.

How many holes does MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus have?

At MINTHIS Golf Club Cyprus there are 18 holes in total.


Minthis Golf Club exemplifies the allure of golf in Cyprus. From its outstanding course design to its commitment to environmental preservation, the club provides a compelling experience for golfers of all levels. Minthis Golf Club welcomes you to immerse yourself in the art of golf amidst the grandeur of Tsada’s hills, whether you are a seasoned golfer searching for a new challenge or a novice eager to master the game.

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