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Welcome to Minthis Hills- a charming hillside retreat in the heart of Cyprus, where tranquillity and natural beauty combine to offer an exquisite holiday. Minthis Hills, perched on the hills above Pafos, offers a harmonious blend of modern living and historical elegance, creating a haven for those seeking a really rewarding experience.

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Minthis Hills is perfectly located in the enchanting hills of Tsada, just a short drive from Pafos, a city famous for its historical significance and cultural treasures. This ideal position allows guests to discover the best of Cyprus, from ancient archaeological sites to stunning beaches, while also giving a tranquil and isolated setting to relax. . Nature trails have already been defined in Minthis Hills and will enhance the already popular European walking route E4 which runs through the heart of the resort


Minthis Hills’ history is connected with the surrounding nature, which stretches back centuries. The resort’s name, “Minthis,” is derived from a nearby ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, known as “Minti,” lending the location a touch of legend. The resort’s history dates back to the late twentieth century, when it began as a quaint golf club and gradually evolved into the magnificent hideaway it is today.

The Golf Course

Minthis Hills is known for its magnificent 18-hole championship golf course. The course, skillfully created by renowned architect Donald Steel, naturally integrates with the natural terrain, providing breathtaking views and an amazing golfing experience. It’s a golfer’s heaven, with its undulating fairways, mature trees, and stunning vistas.

At Minthis Hills Golf Course, you can experience the thrill of the game. Gather your friends, book a tee time, and head out on the fairways for an afternoon of fun and fresh air.

Residential Care

Minthis Hills is home to an exclusive selection of magnificent residential homes, ranging from elegant villas to stylish apartments, all deliberately constructed to complement the natural beauty of the area. Each residence embodies modern aesthetics and high-quality craftsmanship, delivering a pleasant and stylish lifestyle for inhabitants and guests alike.

Recreation and Wellness

The Minthis Hills Wellness Center, a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, is nestled inside this tranquil location. Guests can enjoy a range of spa treatments, relax in the sauna or steam rooms, and work out in the well equipped fitness facility. To cater to a wide range of interests, the resort also has a number of swimming pools, tennis facilities, and outdoor sports.

Culinary & Dining Experiences

Minthis Hills takes pride in its culinary offerings, which include a variety of dining experiences to suit every taste. Guests may enjoy superb Mediterranean cuisine in the resort’s restaurants, which serve dishes cooked with locally produced ingredients and offer stunning views of the hills and beyond.

Celebrations and Events

The picturesque surroundings and modern event facilities of the resort make it a great location for weddings, celebrations, and corporate parties. Minthis Hills’ experienced events staff ensures that every occasion is perfectly individualized, generating lasting memories for visitors and attendees.

Nature and the Environment

Nature and sustainability are key to the Minthis Hills concept. The development was meticulously planned to conserve the natural scenery, and environmental measures are integrated into day-to-day activities, fostering responsible tourism.

Minthis Hills is a one-of-a-kind premium contemporary residential neighborhood nestled in a spectacular natural setting. The Masterplan reflects the client’s ambition to create a cohesive, integrated resort with a strong sense of community. Minthis Hills’ main identity is derived from the particular character of the Tsada Mountains, as well as the natural physiology and shapes of flora.

The championship Donald Steel layout at Minthis (previously known as Minthis Hills Golf Club) has been considerably improved by Mackenzie & Ebert and is a popular destination for golf vacationers to Cyprus.

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