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I usually like to look at some of the most expensive stuff to see what the fortunate few who can afford such things get to experience this is a Most Expensive BMX Bike list in 2022. even if I can’t buy the product I’m investigating online. Since BMX bikes are made up of so many different pieces, it might be challenging to identify the finest of the best models. Contrary to the priciest kettle or laptop, there are so many different methods to construct a BMX bike that it might be challenging to find one that isn’t tailored to a single riding style.

I’m just going to concentrate on entire bikes that BMX bike manufacturers sell as stock in this list. Future posts I’ll write will be specifically about the unique bikes that individuals and businesses have created and are offering for sale. Because they are not affiliated with a business that must rely solely on its own products, these custom bikes tend to be more expensive.

This article mostly focuses on the typical trick BMX bikes that come to mind when most people think about BMX. Due to the cutting-edge methods and materials utilised in their design, BMX race bikes are intended to be extremely light and aid in a rider’s speed, and as a result, they are frequently extremely expensive. If I were to simply provide you with a list of the priciest bikes I could locate, the list would consist almost entirely of BMX race bikes, which I know all BMX park, street, dirt, and flatland riders would detest. For all of you race riders out there, I have included a few.

We’re going to look at some of the best and most costly vintage bikes from earlier decades and what made them so special when they were originally produced in addition to the Most Expensive BMX Bike 2022

You’re in luck if you’re someone who is constantly interested in learning about the best and priciest things, regardless of whether you can afford them or not. Higher price points don’t necessarily translate into higher quality, but when it comes to BMX bikes, it usually does. Higher-expensive BMX bikes are typically priced that way due to the unique technology and materials utilised in their production.

So, this brings us to the question at hand: what is the most expensive BMX bike in the world?

The most expensive motorcycles are sometimes ones that are constructed to order. The Urban Ultralight 1100 by ZOOZ is presently the most expensive BMX bike available, costing an astounding $3,100. This BMX bike is special since it is electric and has the distinctive BMX-type frame that ZOOZ is known for, along with a “traditional style” moto seat that contains the battery. In terms of pricing, the other two bikes in ZOOZ’s Urban Ultralight series are right behind the 1100.

Given that, are you interested to know if you have the means to purchase some of the most expensive BMX bikes available? Find out why purchasing an expensive BMX bike might possibly be worthwhile by reading on. we take a look at the most expensive BMX bikes on the market today.

What Makes a BMX Bike Expensive?

BMX bikes must be strong, light, and responsive because they are designed to be used for stunts, tricks, adventure, and off-road racing. The cost of a BMX bike is typically determined by the materials that were utilised in its production.In other words, the higher quality the materials used, the more expensive a BMX bike will be.

This also indicates that when you purchase an expensive BMX bike ensures you’ll get one with excellent performance and one with the following necessary features:


For BMX bikes to function on even the hardest terrain, they must be stiff and strong enough. Popular BMX bike manufacturers build their models to this criteria so they can withstand tremendous pressure.


A BMX bike’s weight affects how readily it can be raised and controlled, especially while performing feats in the air. When buying a BMX bike to be used for stunts, this is one of the most important qualities to take into account.


The more responsive BMX bikes are, the more pricey they get. This quality gives the user the freedom to enjoy the bike without restrictions and gives you the assurance needed to perform tricks.

It might be quite challenging to acquire a good BMX bike for less than $500 when keeping in mind these essential characteristics. However, if you’re new to BMX, you might want to start off with a budget bike before moving up to a more expensive one.

How Much Do BMX Bikes Cost?

It’s crucial to understand the price of the typical BMX bike before moving on to the most expensive models. An entry-level BMX should cost between $149 and $399, while a typical BMX bike should cost between $399 and $999.

The most expensive models available are professional BMX bikes, which start at around $1,000 and can cost up to $3,000 for custom-built bikes.

Most Expensive BMX Bikes

Without further ado, let’s explore our list of the most expensive BMX bikes currently on the market today.

1. ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 – $3,100.00

Due to co-founder Chris Zahner’s early passion with motorbikes and race vehicles, ZOOZ bikes was created in 2017. The ZOOZ Urban Ultralight range of BMX bikes only differs from conventional BMX bikes in that they are powered by electricity. These ebikes were designed with inspiration from vintage BMX bikes. They have a standard BMX frame, but the battery is hidden behind a “classic style” moto seat.

The bikes have rigid frames, no front or rear suspension, and large 2.5-inch tyres that provide some decent cushioning. Chromoly Steel, a high-end alloy renowned for its durability yet flexible and lightweight properties, is used to construct the frames, handlebars, and forks of each bicycle. The majority of the battery and all the related electronics are visually concealed by their innovative seat design.

Depending on their preferences, the rider can sit either closer or farther away from the handlebars thanks to the extended seat. In certain circumstances, it can also accommodate two riders comfortably. The top model is ZOOZ’s Urban Ultralight 1100, which has a larger weight capacity and top speed than the other versions. The hub motor, which produces 728 watts of Class 3 power, allows for a greater speed range at the cost of weight.

What does a bike like this cost you, then? You should budget $3,100 to purchase the Urban Ultralight 1100 BMX Bike from ZOOZ. The ZOOZ online store has it in stock and is prepared to send it to you for free! Given its electric nature, the bike may not be a true BMX, but at that price, it is still regarded as the most expensive “BMX-style” bike available.

2. ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 750 – $2,600.00

The following bike in ZOOZ’s Urban Ultralight line, it costs $2,600. The Urban Ultralight 750 has the same innovative long seat design and Chromoly Steel construction as the 1100. The UU750, on the other hand, comes with a 575W hub motor (peaking at 960W), five levels of pedal help up to 20 mph, and an already-installed thumb throttle, making it a Class 2 ebike.

The Urban Ultralight 750 provides the original ZOOZ bike experience while having the best weight-to-power ratio of any model. Additionally, it feels the sportiest and most well-balanced of any ebike on the market because to its slimline frame and powerful motor. The ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 750 can be regarded as the second most expensive BMX bike on the market right now. It is made to look, feel, and ride like a BMX bike (apart from the electrical component).

Although it usually sells for $2,600, you can frequently get it on sale all year long. Use the ZOOZ online store to place your order today and get free, quick shipping! Two handlebar heights are additionally available: high handlebar (9.5 inches) and low handlebar (6 inches).

3. ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 250 – $2,100.00

With a total weight (including the battery) of 44.1 pounds and a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds, the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 250 is their lightest bike. It is a Class 1 ebike with a 250W hub motor (peaking at 500W) that provides five levels of pedal assistance up to 16 mph. A thumb throttle is an additional option that is included with the bike. Similar to the UU750, it has a 17.5Ah/630Wh battery with an estimated minimum range of 25 miles.

Customers can select wheels that are 24 or 26 inches in diameter. Compared to the other models in the Urban Ultralight range, this bike has a lighter throttle and a lighter top speed. Additionally, it complies with e-bike regulations in countries including the UK, EU, Australia, Japan, and more. However, it is made to look, feel, and ride like a traditional BMX bike even though it is not one in the truest sense of the word.

Due to its $2,100 price tag, it might be regarded as the third most expensive BMX bike in the entire world. Despite being out of stock at the moment on ZOOZ’s website, they anticipate a drop in early December. Sign up for their newsletter to be informed when it becomes available again.

4. Haro Lineage Sport Bashguard 2021 – $1,599.99

One of Haro’s vintage designs has been revived using more advanced contemporary technologies. There are five builds in the Haro Lineage model lineup, including the Sport Bashguard BMX Bike. It has a solid suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, a 26-inch neon green steel frame, and weighs 34.6 pounds.

This is unquestionably among the best BMX bikes money can buy. The Haro Lineage Sport Bashguard 2021, which has a suggested retail price of $1,599.99, is now out of stock at Haro Bikes. However, you can either register to be alerted when it becomes available once again or purchase the 2020 model right away on!

5. Sunday Soundwave Special Cassette Bike 2022 – $1,349.99

This bike is the greatest, most comprehensive bike money can buy, claims Sunday Bikes. Plus, a tape player is now included. This company is well recognised for producing bikes that are practically unmatched. The Sunday Soundwave Special Cassette Bike has a 100% Chromoly aftermarket frame for its frame material.

In addition to the best materials for the frame, the bike is built with parts from several top brands, particularly its extensive line of Odyssey parts. A 100% Chromoly aftermarket bar with Odyssey, brakes, tyres, grips, and a seat post is also included with the fork.

This bike is unique even though it may be pricey. The Sunday Soundwave Special Cassette Bike 2022 costs $1,349.99 and is now offered through City Grounds.

6. Sunday Soundwave Freecoaster Special 2022 – $1,349.99

The 2022 Soundwave Special Freecoaster BMX bike, also from Sunday Bikes, is another candidate for the title of most expensive BMX bike available today. Gary Young created this signature using Chromoly and Odyssey’s 41-Thermal process. Additionally, it has sealed bearings that provide a smoother but harder ride compared to less expensive BMX bike models.

The components used in this Freecoaster version of Sunday Bike’s Soundwave are still manufactured by Odyssey, which adds to the high price. The 2022 Sunday Soundwave Freecoaster Special is available from Source BMX for $1,329.99 with free shipping, even though it normally sells for $1,349.99.

7. We The People Envy BMX Bike 2021 – $1,339.99

With a suggested retail price of $1,339.99, the Wethepeople Envy 2021 BMX Bike is the eighth most expensive BMX bike in the world. We The People is regarded as one of the top BMX bike producers, and their 2021 lineup is no exception. The Envy BMX Bike from their Elite Series is equipped with a top-notch, durable frame, chain tensioners, and fork.

The main benefit of this bike is that it is extremely lightweight while still having a sturdy frame. This bike is excellent for riders who enjoy pulling off feats or stunts but don’t want to stress about their bike’s stability and sturdiness.

The frame and fork of the Envy are also covered by a full lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Purchase it right away from the City Grounds website with free shipping.

8. We The People Revolver BMX Bike 2021 – $1,199.99

The Wethepeople Revolver 2021 BMX Bike is also offered for sale on the City Grounds website and costs $1,199.99. It has their “all-purpose” Revolver aftermarket frame but conceals some of the most expensive parts. With its longer 21-inch top tube and perfect geometry all around, the Revolver is at home on every surface.

Additionally, it has a tougher 28-9 gearing, a lovely Skipper Green paint finish, and a lifetime guaranteed ECLAT Storm fork. The Wethepeople Revolver BMX Bike eliminates the need to create a custom bike because it is great out of the box.

9. We The People Battleship FC BMX Bike 2021 – $1,199.99

Battleship, another BMX bike by Wethepeople, is known for its excellent strength, durability, and new-school street riding. On this bike, a complete aftermarket PRO components package is combined with one of the most sought-after technical street frames available.

The Battleship BMX Bike is a full custom bike in every meaning of the word; you can ride it right out of the box. Not to mention that the frame and fork are covered by a complete Lifetime Guarantee, providing you the assurance that you are riding a bike that is intended to be used to its fullest capacity.

The Wethepeople Battleship FC 2021 BMX Bike normally costs around $1,199.99, but you can get one right now for just $1,108.79 at

10. GT Street Performer BMX Bike 2021 – $1,120.00

The Street Performer 2021 BMX Bike from GT Bicycles comes in at number 10 on our list of the priciest BMX bikes available right now. Even while it may have a BMX-bike appearance, it is far more complex than that. This bike has everything you need to get you where you need to go, including nine speed settings and a floating frame stander seat that minimises discomfort while absorbing road jolts.

The selling price of the GT Street Performer 2021 BMX Bike is about $1,120. It is presently in stock, available for delivery via City Ground, and includes free shipping. If you’d prefer to divide the single payment into several smaller, more manageable payments, City Ground even provides a variety of financing alternatives.

BMX, which stands for Bicycle Motocross, has several distinct disciplines, but only two of them—BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle—are acknowledged on a global scale and by the Olympic games. BMX racing is a national sport in which competitors range in age from five years old to 65 years old. Riders compete in races on dirt tracks that test their skills with jumps, rollers, and sharp curves.

BMX Freestyle, on the other hand, is more of a competition than a race. In two-minute runs, riders traverse the park’s spines, walls, ramps, and box jumps while executing a variety of tricks. Then, they are graded according on their design, creativity, and challenge.

In light of this, a BMX bike’s primary uses are, you guessed it, trick riding and off-road cycling (or BMX Freestyle and BMX Racing respectively). While ordinary bikes often feature wheels between 26 and 29 inches in diameter, these bikes typically have a stiff frame and smaller, 20 to 24-inch wheels.

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