New Jersey Winter Weather Snow Predictions 2022 2023

New Jersey Winter Weather Snow Predictions 2022 2023

The current hurricane season will continue for the ensuing two months. However, some experts in long-range weather prediction are already anticipating the winter season.

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The early winter forecast from AccuWeather for 2022–2023 offers some indications as to whether residents in the New Jersey region will need to tune up their snow blowers and stock up on rock salt, or whether we will experience a low-snow winter similar to last year.

The Garden State experienced a very unusual winter last year, with South Jersey receiving more snowfall than North or Central Jersey, which are generally colder and snowier, did. Additionally, in February and March, there wasn’t much snow anywhere in the state.

Will this winter be like last year’s? AccuWeather’s long-range forecasters predict that the New Jersey region will see another winter with below-average snowfall, but that the overall seasonal snow totals will be a little higher than in 2017.

The broad forecast from AccuWeather is the same for both the Philadelphia and New York City regions.

Normally, New York City receives 29.8 inches of snow annually, but only 17.9 inches did so last winter. This winter, AccuWeather predicts 18 to 23 inches in New York City.

new jersey snow prediction 2022-2023

In contrast to the city’s typical annual snowfall of 23.1 inches, Philadelphia only received 12.9 inches last winter. This winter, 14 to 20 inches of snow are expected, according to AccuWeather.

Winter, according to the meteorological calendar, begins on December 1 and lasts until the end of February since these months typically experience the coldest temperatures and the most snowfall.

The following winter season begins on December 21, 2022, and finishes on March 20, 2023, according to the astronomical calendar, which is based on Earth’s rotation and sun angle.

AccuWeather forecasts are calling for slightly above-average snowfall in the New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey area during the winter of 2022–2023, but below-average snowfall overall.

Big Blasts of Cold Air

Although AccuWeather predicts a moderate start to the next winter, it also warns that “waves of cold air will plunge down from Canada” in November and December, causing “a few winter previews” for residents of the Northeast and Midwest.

But according to AccuWeather, “the greatest blasts of frigid air will hold off until later in the winter.”

In case you were wondering, the Farmers’ Almanac published their extremely early winter predictions back in early August. The journal, which claims to provide long-range projections using a secret formula, predicts a stormy winter in the eastern half of the United States and extremely arctic temperatures in the north-central, great lakes, and northeast regions.

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