Polk Audio Buckle Headphones- A Buying Guide

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones

The Polk Audio Buckle are well-built, strong headphones with a bit of a dark, bass-heavy sound. The majority of listeners will find them to be comfortable enough, and they look and feel high-end. Unfortunately, they don’t block much noise, have a hard form that makes them difficult to transport, and aren’t the best option for commuting. The good news is that, even at increased quantities, they hardly leak.

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For mixed usage, the Polk Audio Buckle is at best average. They are well-made, elegant-looking headphones with a good level of comfort and very little leaking. They are therefore a respectable option for workplace use, and their sound quality is respectable enough for critical listening. They won’t be the finest headphones for commuting or sports, sadly, because they don’t block out much noise and aren’t portable.


The Polk Audio Buckle headphones offer a high-end appearance that makes them appear pricey and high-end. The ear cup cushioning is comfortable and well-made, and the headband is coated in imitation leather. The ear cups are attached to a rotating hinge inside the headband, giving the headphones an antique appearance. There are two colour schemes available for them: brown and black with silver accents. Though they might not appear as attractive to all listeners, they will stand out in a crowd with ease.


Weight 0.8 lbs
Clamping Force 1.2 lbs

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are well-padded and passably comfortable, although they feel a little snug on the head. They’re also a little hefty for their size, but the thick padding on the headband and ear cups helps distribute the weight and tension more equally around your ears.


OS Compatibility-  iOS

Ease Of Use- Good

Feedback- Decent

Call/Music Control -Yes

Volume Control -Yes

Microphone Control- No

Channel Mixing -N/A

Noise Cancelling- Control N/A

Talk-Through -N/A

Additional Buttons -No

The control layout of the Polk Audio Buckle is effective and good. Track skipping, volume control, and the fundamental call/music operations are all provided by a single general-purpose toggle. Although it is simple to use, the feedback is occasionally subpar. It’s not ideal, but it doesn’t take long to get used to, that you can accidently turn up the volume when trying to pause tracks.


Avg.Temp.Difference 6.1 °C


L 7″
W 7″
H 3.3″
Volume 168 in³
Transmitter Required N/A

Despite not folding, the Polk Audio Buckles are quite awkward to carry around because they are relatively compact for an over-ear style. They won’t be the most useful headphones you can carry with you at all times unless you have a bag because the ear cups don’t lay flat either.


Type Pouch
Volume N/A

A stylish cotton pouch that is included with the Polk Audio Buckle will shield it from minor dings and scratches while it is in your bag. It’s a little sad that they won’t be protected against collisions and unintentional drops because it’s a soft bag.

Build Quality 

The Polk Audio Buckle is made of many high-quality materials and has a durable design. They can withstand a few accidental drops without breaking, and the cable can be changed if necessary due to normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, the most likely places for damage to occur are the ear cup hinges. Additionally positioned on a spring mechanism that could break after prolonged usage is the multi-purpose toggle.

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The stability of these headphones is adequate. They are sufficiently snug that they don’t budge much during modest jogs and even during casual listening sessions. However, they won’t be the best to bring to the gym because of their thick design and weighty ear cups, which wobble somewhat under more demanding circumstances.

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