Popular Android Apps Have Been BANNED By Google; Delete Them Now!


Four well-known apps that were stuffed with harmful spyware have just been removed from the Play Store by Google. These apps have been downloaded over 100,000 times. Unfortunately, they contain malware that can secretly leak your personal data. If you’ve installed one of these apps, delete it now. Once you’ve removed these applications, you’re free to use any other apps you might want to install on your phone.

There are several precautions that users can take to prevent their phones from falling victim to these apps. One of these steps is to carefully search for a secure ISP like Spectrum internet Customer Service or any other that offers security and privacy and has positive reviews. Another step is never to grant permissions to unknown apps. If you permit those apps, they can cause a computer or mobile device to crash or take over the entire device. Here are some of the apps that Google has banned for malicious activities:

Popular camera filter apps have been getting a lot of attention lately after a study from cybersecurity firm Trend Micro. It revealed that more than half of them contain malware. Many apps hide their icons from the application list, while others display full-screen ads and push fraudulent content. Sometimes, this can be a sign of a dangerous app, so it is essential to avoid them.

Google has taken action against these malicious apps by banning them from its Play store. These apps may be designed to collect personal information and sign users up for expensive subscriptions without their knowledge. Users should also uninstall them immediately. If they have been downloaded, you should check your bank statements to see if any of them have been billed to you without your knowledge.

#2. Joker Malware 

If you’ve ever noticed your phone is running slow, you’ve likely been a victim of Joker Malware. This malware app, which first appeared as an SMS fraud, has evolved into a dynamic toolkit for hackers. It targets Android devices by installing unknown apps, modifying system settings, and redirecting your browser to shady websites. If you’re not careful, Joker Malware could ruin data and steal your bank account information.

Security experts have repeatedly warned about the dangers of Joker malware. This spyware allows hackers to infiltrate and install malicious malware on the victim’s device. The malware was recently discovered on Google Play store apps, with over 100,000 downloads.

#3. Hackode 

The popular hacking app Hackode has been removed from the Google Play store. This tool is a free alternative to the paid version of Humble Bundle, which offers a range of games at reduced prices. Google also banned humble Bundle after the application was discovered to require private information. Hackode is one of the most popular applications in the IT industry. Using Hackode to scan software is standard for ethical hackers.

Although it has long been known that hackers can target political entities, the nature of security threats has become increasingly complex. Today, millions of dollars are at risk. This is why Google has enacted a new policy banning third-party entities from purchasing ad space or direct linking to hacked content. The new policy attempts to protect users and businesses from being hacked.

#4. Keyboard Apps 

Google has banned eight popular keyboard applications from the Play Store because they’re spreading Autolycus malware, allowing hackers to access personal information and sign users up for expensive subscriptions without their consent. GIF keyboards aren’t the only problematic apps, but they’re one of the most common.

If you have the AI or GIF-type keyboard installed, you must remove it from your phone right away and keep an eye out for any indications of suspicious activity. Additionally, these apps can monitor transaction details from your mobile phone. It is good to install anti-malware software on your Android device to keep track of all the dangerous activity from various keyboard apps.


Many popular applications have been removed from the Google Play Store due to malware. Users must delete these apps immediately. Malicious applications can spy on users, stealing their personal information and signing them up for subscription plans without their knowledge. These apps can fill your device with intrusive ads and install malicious codes.

The best thing to keep yourself safe from these applications is to download anti-malware software. This software will surely save your data from malicious applications.

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