Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very excited to participate in Man Vs. Wild Show

PM Modi to Feature on Bear Grylls' Man Vs Wild - Photogallery


man vs wild

To show closer to the mysteries of nature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appearing in a series of famous discovery channels ‘Man vs. Wild’, became part of it because of the curiosity surrounding nature. And he was very excited to participate in this. The Prime Minister himself said about these moments spent in India’s oldest National Park, “This show is a great opportunity to emphasize the importance of environmental protection while presenting India’s rich natural heritage in front of the whole world and coordinating with nature.

The spear in the hand, the ride of the canoe. PM Narendra Modi looks in this style in the forest – View Video

According to the channel, according to the channel, about the show shot at the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “For years I’ve been in nature, in the mountains, in forests … all these years on my life Has been an indelible effect … So when I was away from politics, being asked to join this special show while staying in the midst of nature, I was curious, and I was also interested  In my view, this show is the best opportunity to emphasize the importance of environmental protection while presenting India’s rich natural heritage in front of the whole world and coordinating with nature … Once again, spending time in the jungle was a wonderful experience, Particularly with Bear (Grylls), whose energy never ends, and they are always engaged in trying to see nature in their true form.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be seen in ‘Man vs. Wild’ for Tiger Conservation

The Prime Minister also responded to the tweet on Bayer Grylls on Monday, and said, “India – where you can see green forests, different types of wildlife, beautiful mountains and rivers .after seeing this program you Would like to walk in different parts of the country.

According to the channel, during this episode of the episode of the prime minister of the world’s largest democracy and well-known survivor and adventurer Bear Grylls, the Prime Minister will also share his time spent in the forest, and his passion for adventure at this show. It will be world-famous. Adventurer Bayer Grylls also said to be happy about the opportunity to spend time with the Prime Minister at the show and said.

bear grylls with modi

It was a matter of great honor to take the Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi in the Indian forests, and I feel honored to spend time with this wonderful leader of the world … In the forest, we realized that we both were mutually Is needed, and by staying together we become stronger.

bear grylls with modi

I am very excited about the time to spend time with people led by this great country and get an opportunity to know them

Man versus Wild with Bear Grylls and PM Modi’s premiere will be done at 9 pm on Monday, 12th August together on 12 channels in Discovery India. These channels include Discovery Channel, Discovery HD World, Animal Planet, Animal Planet HD World, TLC, TLC HD World, JEET Prime, JEET Prime HD, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Kids and D Tamil. The show will be premiered in five languages ​​- English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu – on Discovery and Discovery HD World channels. The show will be shown in 180 countries of the world.


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