Salman Khan House: Everything you want to know

salman khan house

Salman Khan is one of the most popular actors that Indian cinema, or Bollywood, has ever created. He is not only well-known in the Indian Film Industry, but also in the international arena. It goes without saying that he is a mega-star in Bollywood. Surely you are all familiar with the Being Human brand, which is supported by everyone in the  industry.  Salman Khan’s house is in Mumbai. He stays at the Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, a top suburb of Mumbai. What is Salman Khan house price?

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You must have heard him state that his family is his top priority and is of the utmost importance in numerous interviews. The reputation and aura that he exudes are often misconstrued, but the reality is that despite his celebrity and money, he remains firmly rooted in his roots, which is mirrored in his lifestyle.

Despite his popularity and mystique, this man believes in living a modest existence. The house that Salman Khan owns will undoubtedly surprise you at first since it is not what you would think, as it is not huge nor extravagant like the homes of other Bollywood stars, nor is it a duplex or triplex apartment. The celebrity and his family have lived in the same Galaxy Apartment in Bandstand, Bandra West, for more than two decades, making this building one of the most popular places for tourists to stay in Mumbai during the previous few years.

salman khan house inside look

The mob that gathers daily and especially on holidays such as Eid and even on Salman Khan’s birthday is a sight to behold. Him simply standing out and waving to his followers is a breathtaking sight, which is also regarded as Bollywood’s fandom moment. Since this has been his home since infancy and he has a tendency of taking the same right and left turns every day, the celebrity prefers to live with his parents in a modest apartment rather than choosing for a lavish, sprawling one. He believes he has far too many memories to treasure from his childhood in this house. Like any other youngster, he used to play with other children from the building, pull pranks, and eat meals with his pals at both his home and theirs.

Galaxy Apartment Bandra- Salman Khan House

Galaxy Apartment is the name of Salman Khan’s home, which is located in Bandra, Mumbai. The building contains multiple flats, including Salman Khan’s apartment on the ground floor and the parents’ apartment on the first story. But in reality, his abode is completely the reverse of how it sounds. Salman Khan is a 1BHK flat despite being located in one of the city’s ritziest neighbourhoods.

Salman Khan resides on the bottom level by himself and hence believes the room to be ample. The celebrity is reluctant to leave because he has so many memories in the apartments. The building has become one of the most popular places to visit in Mumbai in order to catch a peek of the celebrity.

salman khan house

The apartment that Salman Khan resides in is a 1BHK Apartment, and the salman khan house interior is designed so that the dining-living space is L-shaped with an open kitchen that has been supported by a four-foot glass wall. In addition, the actor has a bedroom that is 170-190 square feet in size, as well as a bathroom.

Galaxy Apartment is where the actor grew up with his brother Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, and Arpita Agnihotri, who is Salman Khan’s adoptive daughter and stepsister who once resided with her stepmother Helen Richardson Khan in another South Mumbai home. This eight-story structure is renowned due to the aura of the Khan family. This apartment is located near Mannat (Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow). Salim and Salma Khan, his parents, live directly above his apartment. It is rumoured that the Khans serve food and drinks to anyone who enters their home.

Price of Salman Khan’s House and Address

The cost of Salman Khan’s home, Galaxy Apartment, is 100 crores of rupees. The apartment’s price is just right, as the home tends to become one of Mumbai’s hotspots and a place where people congregate.

Mumbai- 400050, 3, Galaxy Apartment, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West.

salman khan house

Salman Khan’s Farmhouse

Salman Khan has recently demonstrated an interest in the real estate market, and as a result, he has recently purchased an apartment in the “Sagar Resham Project.” The new residence is located close to Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow close to Bandra Bandstand. This is a new house in which Salman Khan has invested, but its address has not been made public until now.

We are all aware of his previous residence, in which he resides with his parents and for which he paid crores of rupees; therefore, we may conclude that his current residence is just as expensive, if not more so, than his previous one.

Next in line is a large Triplex apartment or residence; this acquisition is made under a brand-new Bandstand luxury apartment.

salman khan farm house

Salman Khan’s House

Since the past several years, it has been prevalent for investors to acquire land in an agricultural area and turn it into holiday homes surrounded by vegetation and landscaping. There has been an increase in the desire for such areas where a person can stay when he wants to escape the routine of his daily work, as we have been living in cities that are constantly in a hurry, essentially urban cities, with little room for greenery, tranquillity, or even open space. For the same reason, you will find that many actors dwell in these farmhouses in order to get away from the city’s typical hustle and bustle and to have room to relax, and when discussing such exotic locations, Salman Khan cannot be forgotten.

His farm is located in Panvel, where you may have seen several actors posing and relaxing during the pandemic on their separate social media accounts. The farm is named “The Arpita Farms” in honour of his adored sister Arpita. Due to his affection for animals, the farmhouse encompasses 150 acres of land and is populated by a large number of animals. He uses this farmhouse on numerous occasions, including the celebration of various festivals and celebrations.

This Farmhouse is well-known for the following characteristics:

  • Salman Khan Gymnasium 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Art Room
  • 5 Horses

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the farmhouse also features three cottages where his family and friends can stay and spend time in private and affection. In addition to these bungalows, Salman Khan has his own private bungalow.

Other Properties of Salman Khan

In addition to Salman Khan’s homes, his family has made other investments in the real estate business over the past few years. According to recent sources, Salman Khan has purchased an apartment in Sagar Resham, which is located in Bandra Bandstand and is in close proximity to the renowned home Mannat. Additionally, he has invested in a big triplex property located on Bandra Bandstand. The construction of his flat begins on the eleventh floor.

In addition to this, he has invested in apartment buildings in:

  • Carter Road
  • Sterling Seaface property in Worli
  • Apartment based in Dubai’s Burj Pacific

According to earlier reports, the family reportedly wants to move from their current flat to a larger one. It was also said that Salman Khan’s parents Salim and Salma Khan purchased a new home in 2011 for approximately INR 14.4 crore, which included the Belle Vue and Belle Mar cottages.

According to the rumours, the family has also created a blueprint for the architectural design of the house, which is a G+5 structure, with the ground level devoted to the family room, entrance lobby, and pantry, and the upper apartment being a two BHK unit. In addition, there will be two basements and a parking area that can accommodate 15 vehicles, as well as an open terrace with a spectacular dome in the centre.

The next house on the list, after Salman Khan’s most famous home in Mumbai, is likely the 150-acre Panvel farmhouse that sprawls across a vast expanse of land. During the lockdown period, social media was flooded with photographs and videos of him on the property, engaging in farm riding, feeding horses, and driving ATVs. The property also features a luxurious swimming pool and gymnasium, where the entire family gathers to celebrate holidays and other special occasions.

In addition, he put a substantial sum of money in a 100-acre property in Gorai. This beachfront property features a 5 BHK farmhouse that is fully furnished.

  • Gymnasium
  • Movie Theatre
  • Swimming Pool
  • Zone for dirt Bike

The cost of this property is anticipated to be in excess of 100 crore INR.

Cars Owned by Salman Khan

Even though Salman Khan lives a very basic lifestyle, which is readily apparent at his home, he is a very wealthy man. The actor enjoys investing in automobiles. Isn’t it incredible that Salman Khan has almost nine cars? His automobile collection is nothing short of a fantasy! The Land Cruiser SUV is followed by the Audi RS7, Lexus LX, BMW X6, Mercedes S-Class, Range Rover Vogue, Audi A8L, Mercedes GLS, and Mercedes GLE. According to sources, the actor has lately added bulletproof glass and armour to his Toyota Land Cruiser for security concerns.


Salman Khan is devoted to his family and his profession. The simplicity of his lifestyle and home’s decor frequently reflect his exuberant nature. In addition to his Mumbai home, the actor owns numerous additional properties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Salman Khan’s House?

Salman Khan has a home in Mumbai called Galaxy Apartment in Bandra, a state neighbourhood in Mumbai. The actor resides on the bottom floor, while his parents occupy the floor above him.

How to get job in Salman Khan House?

Typically, there is no precise response to this question, but if you are interested in working in his flat, the easiest way to do it is to associate with agencies or recruiters.

Where is Salman Khan House in Mumbai?

Salman Khan’s home is located in Bandra, Mumbai, and is known as the Galaxy Apartment, which has become a popular destination for tourists visiting Mumbai.

Did Salman Khan gifts House?

According to a recent allegation, Salman Khan gave her sister Alvira Agnihotri a condominium worth INR 10 crore in 2010. In addition, it was said that the penthouse is located in an affluent section of Carter Road close to where the khans currently dwell.

How many acres does Salman Khan Panvel Farmhouse?

During the pandemic, you may have seen the Salman Khan farmhouse in Panval a few times in posts by other actors on social media. The name of this farm is The Arpita Farms, which is derived from his sister’s name. This farmhouse is situated on 150 acres of land and is home to a large variety of animals.

Does Salman Khan own the entire Galaxy Apartment Building?

No, Salman Khan does not own the entire building; rather, he resides on the 1BHK ground floor and his parents occupy the apartment directly above him. The total property costs approximately 100 crores INR.

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