Shell Graduate Programme Canada- 2023

Shell Graduate Programme Canada-


We’re seeking for graduates who understand how important progress is to us and who value inclusivity, teamwork, and caring cultures. We’ll provide you with the encouragement you need to choose your own route, and you’ll start out with actual duties and worthwhile tasks.

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Shell’s mission is to provide more and greener energy options in order to fuel progress together. We think that the demand for energy, including oil and gas, will likely continue to increase for years to come as a result of higher living standards for a growing worldwide population. A shift to a lower-carbon, multi-source energy system is taking place at the same time as technology advances and the need to combat climate change.

Shell, one of the foremost energy firms in the world, is essential to supplying the world’s rising energy needs in ways that are sensible from an economic, environmental, and social perspective. Never before has it been more thrilling to work in the energy sector. Join us in our goal to operate an energy business with net-zero emissions by 2050, and sooner if that is possible.

Our world is vibrant, exciting, and moving quickly. In this, energy is essential. It keeps us travelling, gets us to our destinations, and ships goods all over the world. It is a crucial component of many things that we use every day, including building materials and the clothing on our backs.

The requirement for more energy rises as populations expand and prosper. But mounting environmental concerns are a result of this rising demand. We are aware of the importance of climate change and the contribution energy makes to achieving and preserving people’s quality of life. Finding ways to offer much more energy while emitting significantly less carbon dioxide is a key responsibility for society and Shell.

Shell is a ready and willing participant in this shift. Natural gas, the most environmentally friendly burning hydrocarbon, is still being distributed over the world to power industry and heat households. We are making investments in clean energy sources like solar, wind, and cutting-edge biofuels produced from trash. New strategies for storing renewable energy are being investigated. And we continuously create digital goods and services that support businesses and consumers in using energy more effectively.


By the completion of your three-year programme, you will have acquired the specific competencies, business-critical talents, and critical experiences that make up our Graduate Programme, which is a rigorous development framework.

You’ll be given a demanding hands-on role right away, working in a multicultural, international setting. As part of a planned growth programme, you will receive regular reviews and supervision from mentors and coaches. Along with learning from bright individuals from around the globe, you will have the tools and encouragement to experiment with novel ways of thinking and working, making this an unrivalled experience.

We are aware of the importance of learning for both personal and professional growth. In order to help you develop the abilities you need to succeed, the graduate programme offers a learning framework that consists of internal and external courses as well as on-the-job learning.


You should look forward to challenges, so that when a work appears to be unattainable, rather than being intimidated or overwhelmed, you relish the chance to be creative. Additionally, you must be adept at information retention, problem-solving analysis, unbiased decision-making, and creative concept generation. You need to be motivated and tenacious to complete tasks, adaptable to work well in a team environment, and credible enough to persuade others.

Numerous graduate positions in the commercial and engineering programmes are available for the class of 2023.


  • Your job experience is limited to three years or less.
  • You have a business or commerce degree in a field like general business, marketing, supply chain management, or operations management.

You will be given consideration for any positions for which you are qualified by submitting this application. Marketing analyst, sales analyst, EPCM analyst, pricing coordinator, trading analyst, commercial operator, terminal support advisor, and channel optimization analyst are among the positions that will be available in 2023.


  • Your job experience is limited to three years or less.
  • You have an engineering degree (Mechanical, Materials, Electrical, Process Automation, or Chemical)

You will be given consideration for any positions for which you are qualified by submitting this application. Process EIT, Process Automation and Controls EIT, Machinery EIT, Static EIT, and Electrical EIT are the current roles.


– You must be in your final year of studies or have less than three years of relevant job experience to be eligible for the Shell Graduate Program.

– Your cumulative GPA (CGPA) must be at least 3.20.

– In order to work with Shell, you must be able to legally do so in Canada, either through Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or a legitimate work permit.

– If you are chosen for a position that is deemed safety-sensitive, you must pass a medical exam and/or an alcohol and drug test.

You will be given consideration for any positions for which you are qualified by submitting this application form.

Join the Shell Graduate Program today and experience Power Change.

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