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A recent survey stated that around 85% of women think that their spouse is cheating on them. And guess what? They appear to be correct. The survey reports also showed that 50% of men who think that their partner is cheating on them are also correct. Infidelity is on the rise and most of the people seeking help about it already know that their partners are indulged in an extramarital affair. 

This era of the internet has made everything possible. Cheating has become very easy with the introduction of various social media and online dating platforms. Reports by a Gleeden survey show that 7 out of 10 women in India cheat on their husbands almost every year. And if we flip the coin, we will get to see that 75% of Indian men had an extramarital affair at least once in their married life. Loyalty is very important to build a strong and healthy relationship. But, if you suddenly see that your partner has started to behave strangely, then there might be chances that there must be something hidden from you, and you need to find out what is going on behind your back. 

What are the cheating signs?

The most common signs that can help you to determine whether your partner is cheating on you or not are as follows:

Changes in their daily schedule 

Once you are married and have been living with this person for a while now, you will have a proper idea about a lot of things about them. You know what their daily life schedule goes like and even a slight change in that routine can be easily identified by you. If you see that there are a lot of changes in the schedule suddenly, and these changes slowly develop into habits, then you should consider this as a red flag for your relationship. It is because whenever a person gets attracted to a new person, they usually try to cut off everything around them. Your partner suddenly needs to work late at night, starts going on a lot of work trips, and even forgets to do the regular stuff. These might be signs that they are cheating on you and spending more time with their affair partner.

Secretly uses communication technology 

When a person is cheating on their partner, it is very obvious that they would want to keep all their information hidden so that they do not end up getting caught. They suddenly get overprotective about their phone and laptop. If your partner suddenly changes all their device passwords and even changes the social media passwords that you previously had access to, then that is something for you to be worried about. Check if they clear their chats and browser history on a daily basis, because if they do so then it is time for you to check on them. Digital infidelity is on the rise and such signs depict a picture of your partner likely to be involved in an online affair. 

Your spouse is not reachable  

This is another important sign which would help you to determine if your partner is involved in an extramarital affair. Your partner is less likely to respond to your calls and messages whenever they are with their extramarital partners. And when you question them about not being reachable, they will come up with excuses like they were having an important work meeting, driving, had to go to an out-of-network area, did not have any idea that you were trying to get in touch, etc. If your partner is suddenly not reachable while working late at night or on a business trip, then there is probably something that you should be worried about. 

Sudden changes in their behavior 

When you have been in a romantic relationship with someone for a long time or you are married to them, you will be knowledgeable about most of their behaviors. If you notice that your partner suddenly starts behaving weirdly, then things will surely strike your mind. Once you feel that your spouse starts to avoid discussing certain topics, seems to be less interested in you, says that you overreact to things, etc. then these might be warning signs that they are getting attracted to someone new. When they start to have an affair, they are even likely to deny commitment. They eventually become least interested in making your relationship work.


Dealing with infidelity is difficult for both partners. But, it even gets worse if you are the victim. Knowing that your partner is interested in someone else will tear up your world. Whenever such a situation arises, you must not sit alone and keep on shedding tears. The best way to solve it is by connecting with a detective agency in Noida to help you collect pieces of evidence and confront your partner.  

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