Simple Ways To Solve A Case: Top Five Applications Used By Private Detectives


The story also goes other ways round, many private detectives in Chandigarh use social media platforms for promotion. They make digital promotional flyers/events etc, to highlight their own service. In a way, using social media is a win-win.

Apps Used by Private Investigators

After forthcoming of multiple social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram, today millions of people use it. More and more individuals are now using social media for business development and enhancing their private lifestyles. You can use a social media website for many reasons, for example, exchanging information, or making new friends. Detective Agencies In India also use social media platforms to reach out to information that is extremely useful in solving mysteries. Using social media is not only easy but it can reduce case-solving time. In other words, social media platforms have become an effective tool for private investigators.

The story also goes other ways round, many Private detectives in Chandigarh use social media platforms for promotion. They make digital promotional flyers/events etc, to highlight their own service. In a way, using social media is a win-win. Earlier what was difficult for investigators, and research that took days, now can be completed in hours. Depending upon private detective social media skills, one can easily decode information about an individual. Keep reading and find out tools/applications used by Private detective agencies in Chandigarh

List of social media tools used by investigators:

Detectives In India


Reverse Image Search: One of best tools for investigating in reverse image search.  How it works? Nowadays, you can easily find photos of anyone over internet. Using Google search engine, you can search about anything and get an image of same. The reverse image search is the opposite process. So, using this tool you can upload an individual photo and track it back to profile, information like date of birth, and even residence/office address. Using this tool is extremely effective in private investigation. Reverse image search tool to give you exact matching results within seconds. You will able to access similar photos that are posted on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites.  It is a convenient and powerful took and is often used by the matrimonial detective in India.

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search

Another easy-to-use tool that is quickly becoming popular for every private investigation is Facebook graph. Almost all detective agencies in India use it for one purpose or another. So, this tool helps you to find information within Facebook social network. Also, this tool will give your photos of even those accounts which are hidden/blocked from public view.



Next, Spokeo is a major social media tool used for private investigation targeted outside India.  It is currently successfully used by private detective in Chandigarh. What does Spokeo do? Spokeo offers you a plethora of competitive advantages. One of its popular features is that it can provide you with an email address. Overall, the online application premium version helps in pinpointing the address of individuals under surveillance, names of his/her relatives, mobile number, etc. The application search around 60+ social media websites. It is a magic tool, in other words extremely helpful for conducting private investigations. 



Most of time people are afraid because of one reason or another when it comes to making an account in original name. Hence, often they use an alias or create a fake account. Some people use their nicknames too. However, it can be a hindrance if you are a private detective. Private detective in Chandigarh while facing such situation uses Knowem application. This website/application contains tons of contact, it contains information from about 500 popular social networks. If you are looking for a top social media tool for investigation then this is it. 

Instagram Search

Instagram Search

Lastly, one of trending and most powerful online sources of the picture is a platform named Instagram. You might have heard about it. This platform has over 200 million active uses and approximately 20 billion photos. Instagram is a mobile platform; private detective can use it using their smartphones at any time. This makes conducting investigation easy and affordable.

There is quite a number of online website and application that can help you with your investigation. The applications are constantly updated and have tons of available information. Private detectives can leverage social media while performing their investigations.  

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