Suddenly a tiger came in between the traffic, the road came out of everyone’s screams

Something happened in Kuwait

Something happened in Kuwait that surprised everyone. A lion suddenly came in between the traffic. Seeing whom people started cupping. The screams of people were heard after listening to his road. But he did not attack anyone. According to the Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait Livestock Authority says that on Wednesday, the lion had gone to the district’s residential area. After which the security caught him and gave him to Ju.


Something happened in Kuwait

According to local reports, the lion was caught through the tranquilizer. Al-Najdah has reached the police spot after hearing the news of the lion. Whose pictures and videos are becoming viral on social media

As soon as the video was viewed on social media, people were shocked. A user wrote – Very scary scenes. The police officer said that the lion ran away from the owner’s house, which was his pet. Let’s say it is a crime to cure a wild animal in Kuwait. In such a situation, the owner can be jailed for three years. Last year in Pakistan a man was seen in a car with a lion. Upon catching, he had said that the lion is sick and he is taking him to the hospital.

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