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Tarot Card Reading is an excellent concept in worldwide for the betterment of humanity. It is an additional success and happiness tool and tends to complement all the belief system and inner secrets of life. I believe anyone can read tarot. The only way is to connect with your intuition. You will have lots of fun learning how to use the Tarot to bring clarity and guidance into your life

Hello all, I am Ruma Marwah, a professional Tarot card reader from the past 9+ years welcomes you in divinejunction. I am happy to share my victory as awarded in 5th International Astrological Convention as Pride of Global Award and many more.
I am here to guide you the basic steps of Tarot card readings as per my experience via divinejunction.
 We all are curious to know about our future and Tarot card reading is the future predicting tool and known as the “Mirror of the Soul” which helps to end your queries related to your past, present and future in relation to love, career, relationships and spirituality etc. I am here to assist you in Tarot card readings and show you the ways of reading it.

So, are you ready to know…

  •  When will you find your true love?
  •  Where you will be in 2025?
  •  What is the right career for you?
  •  How to improve your relationships with others?..many more.
 All these questions are not known by you but with the help of Tarot card readings, you can get all the answers. But for that, you need to know how to read Tarot cards and understand their indication. Moreover, the fact is that the Tarot card reading helps to exactly mirrors your last decisions, validate your present actions and projects or warns a probable future for your knowledge.
 Before moving ahead, you should first know the following;

what actually Tarot is?

The tarot is a set of 78 cards where 22 are Major Arcana cards which presents your karma and spiritual thoughts and other 56 Minor Arcana cards presents your daily life’s happiness and sorrow. In addition to,each and every card has its own imagery, symbols, signs and story that shows  your life’s story. However, some misconcepts and degrade Tarot cards as they think that it is only ink on paper and for playing only. But I have discovered from my Tarot card readings is that it truly reflects every phase of your life, once you have fully faith on it.

History of Tarot cards;
The Tarot is the popular method of predicting future and used as “Tools of Divination” today in the world. It is not unlike the simple and other future predicting tools such as pendulums or tea leaves. Where the origin or history of Tarot cards is still a debatable question but the most ancient usage of Tarot cards is found in the late fourteenth century in Europe.
European ancestors acknowledged that the first playing cards were created by European artists for entertainment purpose only. There were similar cards at that time which we use today like staves or wands, discs or coins, cups and swords. In the mid 1400s, Italian artists started creating new additional cards by using paint colors to add into the existing suits. But this was the costly-affair, because only wealthy and royal family could hire the painters and even more, they did and used to  instruct the painters to create their own set of cards and also introducing family members on them. Amazingly, these trump or triumph were introduced at that time which we use today. Although, printing cards were expensive process then to overcome from this problem, the invention of printing press was considered. So after that invention, with the help of printing press, the normal people could afford the Tarot cards.
But in the 16th and 17th century, people started predicting their future with the cards and started valuing them. Later on, in the 18th century, people started naming the cards and used it for divinatory purpose or future predicting tool.

Now, after knowing about the Tarot and it’s history let’s walk into the steps of Tarot card reading;

Create the clean and peaceful space;

Tarot reading requires clean and calm physical space as it’s  compulsory for concentration while get in touch with cards and divine. Because the dirty and occupied space will distract you and divert your mind which will spoil your interest in Tarot cards. So, you need to first set up the really inspiring and insightful space as per your convenience where you could easily hear the voice of your intuition and create connection with cards and divine.
Relax your mind;
After creating the outer quite physical space, you also need to calm your inner world or mind. The best way to relax your mind or inner world is by taking deep and slow breathes. Why this is important because for a Tarot card reading, your mind should be free from ego, stress and worries of here and there. The inhaling and exhaling will let all the ego, stress and worries out from your mind along with, you can also meditate for 2 to 5 minutes so both will help to keep your mind calm and fresh and make you fully comfortable and make you ready for Tarot card reading.
Shuffling the cards along with techniques;
The best of shuffling card will definitely put you in lead while reading the Tarot cards where transfer your energy in cards is also the important step which goes through shuffling only. So,once you shuffle the cards, hold it in your hand and feel the energy or connection.
 So here are different ways which you can adopt for shuffling the cards;
  •  The best and popular way is regular hand over hand shuffling.
  •  The next way is spread the card in casino-style.
  • The last way is Messy Pile shuffling. There, you just need to spread the card all over the table and swoosh them all around and bring them back up into the one pile again.
So, these are the ways which you can adopt any for Shuffling. Moreover, people also have more different ways of shuffling as per their belief and comfortable level. So, shuffle the cards and find the connection between you and cards and let your faith in the cards or transfer your energy.
Ask your question and choose a card;
The actual process of Tarot card reading starts from here. Now, you need to hold the deck and keep your question in your mind. If you have specific questions like, ” When will I find my dream man?” Or ” Where I will be in 2025?” Then, its good that you have clarity of thought and easy for you to validate your answer in the last steps.
On the opposite side, if you are confused and do not have any specific questions for asking then no need to worry. Then, you can simply ask your Tarot cards,” what is your indication for me?” Or ” What messages do you have for me today?”. Then after, you can spread the cards on table by adopting any of the stuffing cards techniques or according to your convenience and then choose a card and go for the next steps as to get your answer.
 The Reading and answer of your questions;
This is the step of what you were waiting for as this will end your queries and answer your asked questions to Tarot cards. To get the insightful and accurate reading, you must notice certain factors like;
The first one is try to listen the voice of your initiation which has the superpower to read Tarot and relate it with your answer. All you just need to do is just pay attention. To how you feel when uncovering the card and focus on your internal voice or intuition.
Moreover, if you feel contractions or nervousness then the chances are Tarot is indicating No. On the opposite side, if you are excited to see the card then the chances are Tarot is indicating you a YES.
The next one is color where every card has a color. Some are dark and some are light. What else is, some dark cards are symbolized as negative such as the “Devil Card” is usually very dark in card and shows negativity.
However, Acne and Sunshine shows universal sign for YES in the Tarot. Another card denoted by the number “1” is the Magician card which also depicts YES. Also, if you pull the Tarot card with the sun appearing images even the “Death card” then the answer also will be YES. So, Tarot card meanings can be acknowledged by dark or light shared on the cards. Also, each and every card has its own colour, imagery and symbols so try to rate it with your answer and understand the indication by depicting these factors and certify your details with YES or NO.
Wrapping up the Tarot reading;
This is also included in the Tarot card reading like how to close your Tarot reading. Just hold deck in your hand and silently thank it for all the strong connection and guidance, it has given you. In other words, you can spend few minutes silently or meditate as the way to thank them for all the indications shown by it and let the reading settle in.
Now shuffle your Tarot cards and keep it back on its place.
Now, you are familiar with the basic procedure of Tarot card readings. All these steps are crucial and will assist you in your Tarot card readings. Even more, I want to take your Tarot card readings to the next and advanced level and see the potential and confidence in you as a professional Tarot card reader like me.
So, I will teach you powerful and simple techniques which will transform your and other life and bring intention into reality easily. I will guide you step by step from major to minor steps of Tarot card readings perfectly.
All these includes;
  • The best way to ask the question
  • How to create the peaceful space perfectly
  • How to get clarity of thoughts
  • More best ways of shuffling the cards
  • How to transfer your energy into cards easily
  • How to spread the cards perfectly
  • How to strike the story into cards
  • Moreover,how to get strongly connected with your clients and yourself in Tarot card readings
  • The inside secrets as per my experience and many more….
Sounds Interesting!!!!!
So again, I am Ruma Marwah, thanks you all for giving your precious time and learning the basic steps of Tarot card readings and I would love to be a part of your Tarot reading journey.

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