Tips to Pass Vicroads Drive Test

If a well-prepared learner driver is unable to exhibit the necessary safe, legal driving behaviors during the drive test, they may fail the exam. Any illegal or risky driving behaviors are taken seriously throughout the drive test. The VicRoads Drive Test was created to evaluate the safe driving practices anticipated of new drivers who have logged at least 120 hours of behind-the-wheel time in a variety of driving circumstances.

Passing the driving test will show that license candidates can drive safely and legally. in the test’s assessment of daily driving actions.

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A well-prepared student may fail the exam if they are unable to exhibit the necessary safe, legal driving behaviors while taking the test since unsafe driving errors and unlawful behaviors are taken seriously during the drive test.

You are prepared to take the test if you can check off every item on the following checklist.

You Are Ready To Attempt The New Test If:

You have at least 120 hours of on-road supervised driving experience in a range of traffic, road, and driving circumstances, including at least 20 hours at night and experience in the rain and on high-speed routes.

On various sorts of roads, including congested roads, multilane roads, roads with varied speed zones, and roads in a variety of traffic circumstances, you can safely carry out day-to-day driving responsibilities.

You can safely handle routine driving activities without the help of your instructor or supervised driver. You can thus drive alone and take responsibility for your own safe driving choices.

Practical drive test tips for all VicRoads offices in Melbourne

Firstly here are the common mistakes you must avoid if you want to pass the test first time including disobeying instructions:

  • Install the kerb.
  • failing to notify multiple times
  • not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign
  • forgetting to fully release the brakes
  • Putting a stop to a keep-clear sign
  • failing to move over for traffic
  • neglecting to yield to a pedestrian
  • At traffic lights, stopping over the first lengthy line
  • Using the wrong side of the road to drive
  • exceeding the posted speed limit
  • mirrors aren’t being used enough!
  • Various automobiles flashing their lights (telling you to off your high beam lights

Perform instruction according to Drive Test Criteria

Passing the driving test might not be possible even with cautious driving. You must drive in accordance with the standards that our instructor will teach you in order to receive a passing grade because the licence testing officers will be examining the order in which you are doing the task.

In order for you to understand the instruction, “When safe, move to the right lane,” let us provide you with an illustration in the form of a picture. Your grade is determined by how well you follow the instructions. The proper procedure for changing lanes would be:

Check the internal mirror first, then the right side mirror, and finally indicate (minimum 3 seconds, adjust speed to create gap if needed while maintaining the speed). Do a head check after that, and if there is no one in your blind area and the line is broken, slowly go across to the right lane.

Complex Instruction During The Test

You’re in the left lane of traffic. You say, “Turn right at the second set of traffic lights.” If the turning command was provided after you had passed the first set of traffic lights, you might not have had enough time to make the lane change when two sets of traffic lights were close together!

Prepare for the right turn by changing lanes as soon as you can, preferably before you cross the first set of lights. Don’t wait until the last minute to get things done. If you were unable to complete the assignment before the deadline, you risk receiving a penalty because you were given advance notice to try to complete the task.

Download the official VicRoads drive test eBook to learn all the guidelines and recommendations for free. To have your driving evaluated by a drive test specialist, you may also think about signing up for a 90-minute intense practical driving test tips first session for just $75 (manual $5 extra).

What Happen On The Day Of The Test?

Formalities first: Enter VicRoads and inform the appropriate staff that you are there for the test; there is no need to get a ticket or stand in line! Our teacher makes sure that all test requirements are prepared, and the driving test car is ready and parked in the testing bay. A license testing officer (LTO) will call your name when it’s time for the paperwork, so make sure you have all the paperwork you need with you, as specified by Vicroads when you made the drive test reservation! Also on hand will be our instructor’s instructor license. During the driving exam, our teacher may make arrangements to repeat instructions or use hand signals if necessary. Some people find this useful, particularly if they mix things up left and right. Following the procedures, you

Safety Check Before Driving

The ignition will be turned on, the engine will be off, and the window will be down. Our test officer and instructor will be waiting outside the vehicle. Prior to the test administrator or instructor getting into the vehicle, you will be required to complete the following task: Turn signals, brake lights, horn, high-beam and low-beam headlights, warning lights, windshield washers, Show the handbrake, the front-windscreen defogger, and the back window defogger (where fitted). During your driving lessons, our instructor will demonstrate each one to you.

Stage 1: Fundamental driving skills

three people in the car! The license test officer will sit in the back passenger seat throughout the drive test, and our certified driving teacher will sit in the front passenger seat next to the applicant in our dual control car as a safety person. This phase, which will last around 10 minutes, will also involve either a reverse parallel parking maneuver or a three-point turn. There will be a 2-minute parking window. You will be instructed to locate a safe and authorized place to pull over at the conclusion of stage one. Your score will be determined, and if you pass, you will go to the next step.

Stage 2: Driving on crowded streets

Compared to the first stage, this one will last about 20 minutes and take place on busier routes. Normally, your test will keep going until you come back to the VicRoads testing bay! Before your driving test, our teacher will accompany you on these roads and instruct you on exactly how the test officer would expect you to drive. In order to ensure that you are completely test-ready, our teacher will also teach you and provide you with tips using the exact same English instruction word-for-word during the session before the driving test.

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