Women safety applications are available that bring a revolutionary change in women safety. To know about them, you can read about this blog.

female security

No matter how fast the world changes, but women security is always top in the news. According to the stop street harassment organisation, 85% of females of different age feeling some molestation. It is a heart-wrenching data, and government try to reduce it with every possible way.

Nowadays, technology is a superior method that can help women to stay safe. How technologies help it? You must be thinking about such a question. Mobile phone application plays a crucial role in women safety. If you are one who has faced some molestation, then this blog will be undoubtedly helpful for you.

Here, we have mentioned popular applications that can aid you to reach home safely. Let’s have a look at them, how you can install it.

Trendy Apps For Women Safety 

We almost covered some popular ones, including a paid and free version. But before you read further, there are certain things that you have to take care of.

  1. Keep the mobile fully charge
  2. SmartPhone (Android or iOS)
  3. Working properly

These are the basic three things that every woman, as well as a man, should direct. Now, let’s roll the eyes on the application.

Circle Of 6 

Friends, colleagues or family member will not always go to stay forever. But, yes, having them provide some relief in case of anxiety. This dream can be fulfilled by a circle of 6 users friendly application. In this, you can make a group of six close people.

The group can contain friends, relative or any colleague. Now, you can inform all of them with a single message with the proper location. Once they receive the message, they can quickly call or pick up you from the place.


It is one of the most imperative applications. This small app can help you to stay away from molestation. The app will provide information about the molestation cases in a particular region. With this, you can know about it, and if it shows danger, then you can avoid visiting alone or taking someone close to you.

On Watch 

If you are searching for the perfect application, then ON watch is for you. It is the app that receives multiple awards from a different organisation. Let’s see what makes it unique.

It is an application that embedded with all numbers, including the police. It automatically sets the time, suppose your leaving time is 7’o clock, and it will ring the bell, if you fail to check before the timer expires, then it will send the message to the concerned authority with the location.

Safe and the City 

It is an application that is available for both android and apple phone users. Generally, this application is equipped with a different function. The first thing is information about the place where you are visiting. And there is a section named “Report”. In this, you can read about the recent harassment cases.

According to the data, you can choose the perfect location. And the most crucial factor is that you can easily make easy calls even when the network is weak. You can message or call to close ones and let them know about the location.

Life 360 Family Locator 

When it comes to safety, every person’s condition becomes the topmost priority. From children to adult or ladies, everyone deserves protection. If you are a looking for such an application who can meet this requirement, then “LIFE 360 FAMILY LOCATOR” is perfect for you.

In this application, you can know about the check-in details of children or females. If they miss this period, then it will send a message with name and location. With the help of this, you can find out where the person is.

SOS Mate 

SOS mate is an application that offers you the opportunity to alert the surrounding people. It produces different police siren. If you press the power button seven times, then you will show the text like panic option is on.

These are the trendy application that you can use to protect yourself. However, some app offers the paid version. In this, you can access better tech service with quick help. The company many charges monthly or yearly, if you think you can manage the cost, then it is okay. In other cases, you can opt for option, like fast loans with no guarantor required.

You can choose any method to arrange money, but don’t overlook it. After all, life is much larger than money. So what resist you, go ahead, and install these applications.

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