Top Five Types Of Web Traffic That Can Help You To Grow Your Business


Here is list of various types of web traffic and how you can relate your business to them. . Direct Traffic. Direct traffic consists of people who enter your site directly into their web browser in order to visit. Referral Traffic. These are people who find your site through external links located throughout the Web. Organic Traffic. Social Traffic.

“In world of internet and social media, traffic is everything” 

Today, in fast-changing world of technology, every small business is seeking a way to diversify into different markets. Quality web traffic is something everyone small business needs. We all know without traffic; your website is like a blocked tunnel with gold stuck inside. Without online customers digging into your website, it is impossible to make sales. In other words, if you cannot connect with your customers, they won’t necessary awareness of your product and you can’t expect them to make a purchase. Though it might sound obvious, but this one of biggest reasons why small business gets poor sale. Another reason for poor traffic is that many people assume they know about traffic but in reality, nothing can be further away from the truth. 

Types Of Web Traffic             Types Of Web Traffic

If you have to get more traffic on your website then it is time to learn more about traffic now! You can re-invest in areas where you are lacking and once you have a suitable level of awareness around your brand you can easily make reach out to a wider audience. 

Here is list of various types of traffic and how you can relate your business to them. This will help you to tap directly into your quality traffic source to drive more sales.

Types Of Web Traffic Types Of Web Traffic

Free Traffic Vs. Paid Traffic  

On a more macro level traffic can be easily broken down into more general categories. It is important to understand about web traffic as it is going to fall under one of two categories explain below. Now there is free traffic and there is paid traffic. You can also call free traffic as earned traffic and depending on which type of traffic you choose for your campaign; you have to plan out your strategy in similar fashion. It is essential to keep an eye on traffic and paying attention to move into the direction of quality traffic for future success. Where on one hand you have free traffic, on another it is paid traffic which comes from paid sources or in short advertising. 

Types Of Web Traffic Types Of Web Traffic

Advertising is one of best ways to bring forth high-volume of traffic derived from millions of various sources. Generating traffic from paid sources has one only one limit and that is your budget. There are many upsides of getting paid traffic, including ease of implementation and quicker accessibility, but sometimes cost is too much! Advertising can be costly to become of competition and strategy. So, it is highly recommended to avoid spending all your budget on advertising by making sure to balance your budget within free and paid traffic areas.

Types Of Web Traffic Types Of Web Traffic

Direct Traffic

This type of traffic is common, basic and straightforward it consists of people who visit your website directly. They do it by simply typing in your website URL on their computer browser and hitting enter button. Though in reality, the process if bit different and direct traffic comes from various sources like emails, PDF and mobile applications. Direct traffic is essential for business and it is often counted as earned traffic. Other sources of direct traffic include radio, television, print media and word of mouth, for example, it is common for user to hear about a product on radio and then following up on it using their mobile applications. 

Types Of Web Traffic Types Of Web Traffic

Referral Traffic 

One of most beautiful aspects of referral traffic is that it is based on web search optimization. In other words, if someone puts your links on their website, then it is considered a referral. The host website is linking to your site and helping search engines to use this to determine level of relevant traffic that your website can hold about specific topic. So large number of referrals from one website puts your site in a better position. One of best ways to do it by guest posting, press release, and social media. 

Types Of Web Traffic     Twitter Marketing Tips

Organic Traffic 

In this category, traffic comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can increase your ranking within search engine by using SEO. Organic traffic has highest ROI and it is best form of traffic for small businesses. It is also one of traffic which gives highest converting rate. Presently, it is also referring to as ‘searcher intent’, that means customer is displaying high-level of interest in topic or subject on your website. 

Types Of Web Traffic  Types Of Web Traffic

Wrapping Up

Before final thoughts, there is one more type of traffic that is booming at faster rate than ever – it is Social Traffic that comes from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. It is scalable and targeted much like organic traffic. In conclusion, knowing different type of traffic is one of most feasible ways to boost small businesses. With proper knowledge of traffic, you can bring back quality audience, client and customer back to your website. 

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