Where Does Tom Cruise Live: Exploring His Real Estate Assets

Where Does Tom Cruise Live

Where Does Tom Cruise Live- Tom Cruise, a Hollywood icon, is one of the most recognizable individuals across the world due to his countless high-profile film roles, relationships, and controversial interviews. Given his reported net worth of $600 million (£432 million), it is unlikely that the veteran actor and famous Scientologist, who is also one of the richest entertainers, built such a notable real estate portfolio. Let’s go inside one of Hollywood’s most mysterious stars’ lavish houses and find out more about Tom Cruise.

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Where does Tom Cruise live?

Tom Cruise has achieved great success since his unfavorable childhood. He stated Parade magazine that he was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York, and that his upbringing was difficult, as he had to migrate around the United States and Canada. Cruise’s acting ability was initially recognized when he was still in high school, and he was cast in a prominent role in the 1983 picture Risky Business. He began purchasing real estate in the United States and abroad, that range from a remote ranch in the mountains to a luxurious Florida penthouse, after being propelled into the spotlight.

Tom Cruise’s English estate in West Sussex, United Kingdom

Cruise reportedly paid $4.2 million (£3 million) for this magnificent English country estate in West Sussex in 2006. It is not a coincidence that Rede Place is situated in Dormans Park, East Grinstead, just across the road from the British headquarters of the Church of Scientology. As one of the most famous Scientologists in the world, Cruise desired a residence close to Saint Hill Manor, the church’s prestigious English estate.

The luxurious country estate is situated on more than 14 acres of land and features an impressive 11,331 square feet of living space. The custom home was constructed in 2003, making Cruise likely one of its first owners.

Inside, the modern mega-mansion is luminous and dramatic, with tasteful touches of both modern technology and classical design. The residence has the best of both worlds, with vaulted ceilings and natural timber accents, as well as a built-in sound system and separate lighting for each area. Both the main house and the detached guest pavilion include bedrooms and bathrooms for a total of eight beds and five baths on the estate.

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The basement contains a movie theatre, an amusement room, and a dance studio with a sprung floor. There are numerous living spaces and a kitchen that opens to a garden and is filled with natural light. The upper floor features a grand master suite with a private sitting room. The mansion is guarded by automatic security gates and is fitted with CCTV. There are also groomed gardens, a swimming pool, a hot spring, and a tennis court.  

Tom Cruise’s Hollywood Hills homes in California, USA

The 2004-built property was inspired by Tuscany, Italy’s country estates in its nostalgic beauty. This Mulholland Drive house is the centerpiece of a magnificent 2.5-acre estate overlooking the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Hills. The entire mansion was renovated in 2006, most likely by Tom Cruise, and now has wide-plank wood floors and Venetian plaster walls. 

The house has three en suite bedrooms, as well as beautifully lit living spaces with high ceilings and European-styled furnishings. Other interesting features appear to include an appealing chef’s kitchen, alfresco dining terraces, and a three-acre garden with a lagoon-style pool. 

Furthermore, the liberal use of glass windows allows for a sweeping 180-degree view of Los Angeles. This property also contains a four-bedroom self-contained guesthouse. The asking price for Tom Cruise’s former house was $13 million.

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Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills mansion in Los Angeles, USA

Tom Cruise owned this property, which was built in 1937, for over a decade. The property has seven bedrooms and nine baths. Furthermore, it has a vast 10,286 square feet of magnificent living area, as well as a lawn and a large swimming pool. It also has a tennis court, a playground for children, and guesthouses. 

The mansion’s secluded location provides plenty of quiet away from the spotlight. The Hollywood actor fetched $40 million for his Beverly Hills mansion. After selling his house in Hollywood Hills for $11.4 million, this was his second property in Los Angeles in just over a year. Tom Cruise bought a house in 2007 for $32.5 million. The asking price was $45.0 million, but he paid a lot less than that. 

Tom Cruise’s secluded ranch in Colorado, USA

In March 2021, Tom Cruise’s vacation property in Colorado will be listed for $39.5 million. This place is a fantastic hiking destination and is completely surrounded by rolling mountains. It features stunning mountain views that can be noticed from the property’s balcony and patios. 

Tom Cruise purchased this massive 320-acre tract in Colorado in the early 1990s. This 10,000 square foot house has vaulted ceilings, from floor to ceiling fireplaces, and breathtaking alpine views. The interiors include cedar woods and natural stones, and they smoothly reflect neutral color tones. 

The mansion has a big dining area that covers both the main and guest house eating areas. The property also has a fitness center, a state-of-the-art security system, a snowmelt arrangement, a wet bar, and underfloor heating. There is a three-bedroom lodge that is separate from the main house.

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Tom Cruise’s penthouse in Clearwater, Florida, USA

Tom Cruise bought a two-story property in Clearwater, Florida, in the year 2017. Moises Agami, a Mexican real estate tycoon and one of the richest Scientologists in the world, built the SkyView Apartments. It’s a 10-story building with 36 units, and the Hollywood actor lives on the top 2 floors. The penthouse has a solarium, hot tub, bar, roof deck, and a 39-foot infinity pool with unrivaled city views.

A hidden passageway in the penthouse connects to a smaller apartment on the second story, where you could discover a gym, an office, and a flying simulator. The nine-car garage and private car elevator are distinctive features of this penthouse.

Tom Cruise’s Beach House, USA

The Mission Impossible star undoubtedly loves the sea and strives to spend time on beaches. Tom Cruise’s U.S. beach property is a visual treat since it reflects the actor’s love for ocean blues. Not much is known about the beach house, although Tom enjoys spending time there.

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Interesting facts about Tom Cruise

The actor has millions of devoted fans who adore and respect him. However, they might be unaware of the following Tom Cruise facts.

  1. The actor was in talks to play the role of Iron Man for the first time.
  2. The actor is very adventurous and likes to participate in numerous new activities.
  3. The actor enjoys taking care of himself by ensuring he exercises regularly and eats well to maintain his health.
  4. The actor bought his very first motorcycle well before he learned to drive.
  5. The actor is a licensed pilot.
  6. Once, he paid the expense of a woman’s medical treatment after she was struck by a car and taken to the hospital. After hearing that she did not have health insurance, the actor stepped up at the hospital and offered her $7,000.

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