Your Ultimate Guide To Create Holiday Content Strategy In 2022


If you don’t have your holiday marketing strategy locked in yet, you need to get moving. Christmas is now less Day away, and the peak .It is time to enjoy holidays, I hope every one of you enjoyed summers. Now, it’s time to focus on designing content strategy for holiday in 2020.

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

“It is time to enjoy holidays, I hope every one of you enjoyed summers. Now, it’s time to focus on designing content strategy for holiday in 2022. With proper planning, holiday spirit and effective strategy you can start stuffing your holiday content calendar. No matter whether it is Black Friday, Christmas 2022 or New Year’s Evening, holidays bring forth opportunities to stand out from crowd”

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Christmas 2020

Having content strategy by your side to guiding you to manage holiday traffic can ensure stress-free event planning. In case it is about head-start then it is recommended to proactively design blueprint of your content marketing strategy in 2022. Keep reading to find out how to plan your holiday marketing content. Don’t forget to save some time and enjoy festivities. 

Participate In Trends

Holiday season brings forward lot of opportunities and trends. Every year individual tries to anticipate trends and most of time falls off before trend even fade-off. Rather than anticipating trends try to participate in it. So, whether you are in business or corporate, start by preparing content to participate in trends and stay aware of some yearly trends. You can use Google Trends to gather information. In one study, it appears that during holiday there is massive increase in mobile app usage and mobile shopping. Since many people like avoiding crowds and inconvenience of getting stuck in traffic during multi shopping trips. Also, marketing trends show that there is more offered deals and discounts during this time of year and it is right time sale out your products.  

From the point of view of content strategist, by staying in tune with trends will help you to participate in it and to design content that strikes correct chords with your valuable audience. 

Christmas 2020
Christmas Strategy 2022

Talk To Your Audience 

Finding data about audience is easy and anyone can do it in your industry. But, talking to your audience that is where many marketers fail. Make sure while creating holiday content try not to skip talking to your audience. With ongoing planning, think about how you can communicate with your audience and then ask them directly. Before you finalize your content strategy, you can send your audience a copy of complete survey and regarding what kind of content you are planning to deliver during the holiday season. 

Christmas 2020
Christmas Marketing 2022

Expect worse, your audience might not tell you outright about what they need, but you can brainstorm on some of the original ideas. Try asking quality questions, for example, what is trending and how to take advantage of it. For example, currently, many brands are planning to come up on TikTok platform. What is the number one concern going into this holiday season that you can resolve using this platform? Further, you can make a survey and look align your content accordingly. 

Using Existing Content

While we all can use existing content but it is highly recommended to planning an audit before using it during holiday time of 2022. Designing content for Christmas 2022 will require lot of audits or it makes sense to start from scratch? Ultimately, it depends on quality of current content whether it is relevant for coming year to drive high traffic. Generally, holiday content includes gifts, news, offered deals and discounts. 

Your current content marketing strategy should have Christmas 2022 Events  pro-actively planned. Though you can decide to use existing content or craft new content. 

Christmas 2020
 Christmas Evening 2022


Creative Content Planning

Next, once you have content data from past holidays and some tips for your existing audience, then it is time to dive into fun part. Creative content planning is fun and super exciting because it is your chance to think outside of box. Simply brainstorm your content ideas and match them with relevant holiday dates. It is recommended to try using organic keywords research. Although you can take help from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email marketing channels. 

Your Goals 

You will need fresh goals to keep generating list of idea before narrowing down to your GOLD Content. Proper goal setting can help you identify relevant content ideas that closely align with your business goals. You can set goals to generate more organic traffic and to send gift to influencers. 


DATE                                                        HOLIDAY                                                   DAY

December 25, 2019
December 25, 2020
December 25, 2021
December 25, 2022
December 25, 2023
December 25, 2024
December 25, 2025
December 25, 2026
December 25, 2027
December 25, 2028
December 25, 2029 
Christmas Day 2019
Christmas Day 2020
Christmas Day 2021
Christmas Day 2022
Christmas Day 2023
Christmas Day 2024
Christmas Day 2025
Christmas Day 2026
Christmas Day 2027
Christmas Day 2028
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