Youtube for Architects: Mr.Heang Update

Mr. Heang Update

The field of architecture has undergone significant changes two decades into the twenty-first century. There have been substantial developments in building construction materials. When a building has been designed with a sustainable approach, one is not astounded by it as when he observes the usage of high-end technology. While we consider it, many people nowadays strongly support the usage of local materials.

Mr. Heang Update

A YouTuber from Cambodia, famous for the Angkor Wat Temple, runs and manages a channel on the platform known as Mr.Heang Update. In the beginning, he popularised the building of numerous structures in the former nation through his YouTube videos. He also continued to spread this craze by filming videos in various locations in South America and the United States. These are not only constructed in a manner that essentially transports us back to contemplating the development of man and Paleolithic architecture, but they are also constructed using just simple tools. Anything taken out of the deep forest is also used as construction materials.

Mr. Heang Update

In less than two years since the channel’s launch at the end of 2018, it has more than 2.5 million subscribers. Additionally, it only contains 25 films that depict the construction and production process, some of which have amassed over 50 million views. A fascinating video that falls under the heading of cooking and preparation has also been included. The videos on this channel are a must-watch for everyone who appreciates seeing a video demonstrating the vernacular construction process of some beautiful structures that blend in nicely with the contemporary environment!

Mr. Heang Update

A typical video on this channel features a man wearing only a bottom made of straw, an agricultural byproduct, and dressed like a princess. He forages for all the resources he may utilise for the construction while walking barefoot through the dense jungle; the most frequent ones are bamboo, lumber, straw, and grass. He frequently feeds on nearby animals as well. Aside from that, each movie serves as more of a teaching tool for viewers, particularly those with an interest in architecture and more specifically building construction. The man uses his hand for measurements as an illustration of how he completes his work without the use of modern technology. For him, the manual approach yields accurate results. He is perfectly aware of how bamboo or wood may bend. Additionally, architects and civil engineers today spend years researching the ideal thickness of the fundamental material to handle the load acted upon the structure by his body weight. He frequently constructs small-scale architectural habitats for animals in addition to dining on them.

My top three Mr. Heang Update videos are as follows:

1. 72 days in a structure underground and in the jungle

The video was filmed in the USA. It shows a man first excavating the earth while concurrently carving out and shaping the constructed area. Compared to other structures, the structure is distinctive. The sleeping area, the kitchen, and a small swimming pool are divided, displaying division of spaces. The addition of the green path and stones surrounding the pool gives the structure an aesthetic boost. It’s fascinating to observe how he constructs a system using sticking-out bamboo shoots to direct water into the pool. The 72-day building procedure has been well-documented overall.

2. Save a dog from a large pond and construct a little villa for it.

The man, who was filmed in Cambodia, saves a puppy who is wrapped on a branch. The man also takes it with him and demonstrates how he constructs a dog kennel building next to his house. He starts the work based on his prior experience rather than obtaining accurate measurements. The way he constructs the framework of this complex structure is astonishing. In addition, he covers the structure in straw and dirt before covering it with grass.

3. Making a Beautiful Jungle Swing with Prehistoric Technology

This movie documents the construction of a stunning jungle swing using local techniques in a Cambodian forest. Given that it focuses primarily on the structure’s framework, it differs from the others in a reasonable way. The man assembles the frame with a beautiful method. Both the curving back and the flat base are made of wood. A tree’s broad leaves serve as the back support cladding, while grass serves as a cosy basis.

In addition to this, there is another captivating video that must be seen. The man builds a system that he uses for heating and bamboo shoots as chimneys to manufacture rice wine using natural fruits.

The videos on this channel are very helpful for learning about such doable solutions and gaining knowledge from many cultures. Students in architectural education today frequently participate in practical workshops to learn about the bamboo and timber construction process. You have the chance to see, learn about, and research the current usage of natural materials in architecture thanks to this channel.

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