18 Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Dental Practices

dental marketing

Are you looking to enhance your dental practices with the help of digital marketing ideas? Great! This article will help you with some unique marketing ideas which will make it easier for you to attract patients to your practices. Thinking how? Take a look:

dental marketing idea


  1. Click to Call Ads: With this, the patients can call and book the appointment with ease through the ads itself. The call-only campaigns can be created through Ad words and Facebook.  
  2. Facebook Ads: It’s a great way to create a buzz and let people know about your practices locally.
  3. Demographic Targeting: With the help of this feature, you can target your specific audience with ease. Facebook will help you with demographic targeting so, you must complete advantage of it.
  4. Call-Only Ads For Mobile: As most of the searches are made on a smartphone, you must call on live advertisement  for mobile phones through Ad words.
  5. Income Targeting: With the help of Ad Words, you will be able to target based on the income level to different demographics. It will help patients to come to your place for regular cleaning.
  6. Appointment Reminders: Whether it’s through a call or a google mail, a reminder can certainly make your patients show up for their routine checkup. Google calendar alerts can be of great help for this attribute.
  7. Facebook Messaging Ads: You can reach to the even bigger audience by sending a message with latest call to action feature on their respective advertisement on search engine
  8. Re marketing Ads: It will help you reach to the people who visited your website or practice following the ads.
  9. Waze Ads: It’s a great application to create digital billboards with which you endorse your a services and get an upper hand over the other companies with ease.
  10. Google Maps Ads: Having your company name listed on the google maps can literally help customers to land up directly to your office.
  11. ZocDoc: With this mobile application, the patients will be easily able to find you for respective dental care needs
  12. Emergency Keywords: Focusing on emergency or urgent service keywords will certainly help you gain more patients.
  13. Instagram: Instagram Ads with a wide range of services is certainly a big boost to gain new patients for your dental Marketing practices.
  14. Yelp: Having good reviews in this domain will certainly have you more patients looking for dental care services.
  15. Referral Bonuses: Referral bonuses will help your customers refer your dental  Marketing services to their friends and relatives. Certainly a great move to attract new patients!
  16. Email Marketing: With help of email marketing you will be able to book your appointments and help new patients with dental Marketing practices.
  17. Direct Mail: Emailing about your services will certainly help you enhance your image and help you grab more new patients.
  18. Video Advertising: Video marketing can help you connect with the patients and it can surely lead to trust and more appointments.

So, just follow the above-mentioned concepts to help your dental practices grow!

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