4 Rules to Design Customer-Centric Mobile Accessories Boxes


One can’t stress enough how important it is to design consumer-centric mobile accessories boxes. Though many brands and retailers have recognized the significance of packaging as customers dictated, some still use those bulky and inconvenient boxes that increase the shipping cost and fail to strengthen your brand through unboxing experience.

Thanks to newer technologies, top packaging companies in the US, including The LegacyPrinting are now providing their customers affordable consumer-centric mobile accessories boxes that exhibit exceptional functionality while giving products greater scope to stand out on the retail racks and grasp customers’ attention in new ways.

Now that a high percentage of consumers prefer to use packaging that’s user-friendly why brands aren’t opting for packages that not only make life easier but also help cut packaging waste. So let’s not put the customer-centricity genie back into the bottle and discover four best practices to design consumer-centric mobile accessories packaging.

Primary Factors that Shape the Market

The trend towards consumer-centric wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes is driven by manufacturers and retailers’ desire to cut store staff hours. An ideal mobile accessories box is a package that is instantly shelf-ready. Know the specific goal you want to accomplish with these boxes and gain all the marketing input beforehand. Get the desired data from retailers, if possible, to figure out what’s working best for the retailers. And keep these findings in mind throughout your mobile accessories package development process.

Engage Packaging Firms Early On

To design the best custom mobile accessories boxes, work closely with your packaging partner so you know what you will get before the manufacturing begins. Be certain that you are well acquainted with all the customers’ requirements. Remember, you also need to take into account shelf dimensions, rate of sale, shipping distance, and warehouse systems to design a successful packaging. Even if you are persisting with the previously successful packaging design, try to secure additional time to sort out problems on your way.

Use Design Exploration to Boost Performance

Rather sticking with a substandard design engage professional designers to do the job. Avoid copying your competitor’s packaging. Why? It weakens a brand. Begin with mandatory labeling elements first and then create a structure around them because starting with artwork can be really counterproductive. Custom printed mobile accessories packaging is highly market-driven, so let your creative juices flow when designing your packaging. There’s no harm if your creativity in graphic trumps functionality. If you need inspiration, ask your packaging partner to show you their previous work. According to the experts, a collaborative approach towards creating a functional packaging is the best way forward.

Avoid Odd & Complex Packaging Shapes

Always opt for a meticulous structure. Evade odd shapes and complex solutions that are regarded as inefficient by both consumers and retailers. For example, a typical stadium like case or design is something that doesn’t perform well on retail racks. In the same way, if you choose a specialized packaging design that’s not so flexible in terms of materials, you won’t be able to create a consumer-centric packaging for your mobile accessories.

Final Thoughts

To outshine your competition, you need to go the extra mile and packaging is one important factor can help you leapfrog. Create a package that shows your accessories claim to fame. Be certain that the artwork you provide to your packaging partner perfectly fits the parameters required by the packaging boxes. Mull over how your final packaging will look and sell by placing fewer packages in the retail outlets. It will help you decipher the verity. You’ll understand how you can take advantage of different opportunities to infuse marketing messages and branding to reinforce brand proposition.

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