CLEAN STAY, CLEAN GO: 4 Tips to Keep Your Hotel Room Hygienic

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When you go lodge in a hotel accommodation for a vacation or a staycation, you aim to have a comfortable and convenient experience. You want to get the rest and relaxation you deserve! It’s a wonderful time to veer away from the stressful things and to focus on the beautiful things in life!

One of the ways you can achieve a beautiful hotel stay is by maintaining cleanliness inside your own hotel room. It’s the room you booked and paid for, but how you are going to maximize it and help yourself have a pleasant time there is up to you. 

Below are 4 basic but very helpful things you must be reminded of!




Have your meals on the dining table. If you are eating rice and viand or any food that might stain the bed sheets, do not dare to eat on the bed. If it’s a special breakfast-in-bed, make sure that you eat properly and mindfully. Be careful not to drop food on the pillow and blankets. 

If it’s possible and if you really want to eat on bed, consider pulling a small table to the bed. In that way, you can still sit there while eating on the table. 

You know that hotel room’s bed sheets, pillows and blankets are thicker and heavier than those you have at home. It will be a problem if you get them all nasty and splattered. There are stains that are hard to eliminate. With those, you’ll be giving the hotel room attendants a hard time. 



Do not be rude and arrogant just because you are able to pay for a luxury hotel room. Your money becomes worthless if you are forgetting your good manners. Nobody has the right to just throw away trash anywhere in the room. There are designated bins within the room, so use them as you should.

Some are just lazy to reach the garbage cans, so they just put the trash on the bedside table, on the floor, on the couch, and forget to tidy them up. None of these is a trash bin, so refrain from considering them as “temporary trash areas”. 



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Sometimes, the culprit to a very unhygienic and disordered hotel room is the lump of used clothes beside the bed or on the couch. Don’t stack wet clothes on the bed. Immediately take them to the washroom or to the hotel laundry. They will produce bad odor if they’re carelessly exposed like that. 

Clothes you will not wear must not be unnecessarily spread out on the bed or on the floor. The same thing with the other garments in your travel bag. It would be better if you will not take them out if you’re not going to use them. By doing this, too, you avoid accidentally leaving anything in the room.



If you are coming from outside after tough strolling and adventures, make sure you do not enter the hotel room with muddy and greasy shoe soles. You will make the floor really dirty. Check if you’ve stepped on some unwanted waste. Wipe and wash your shoe soles to remove any unlikeable element stuck on it.

The floor must be clean especially when there are little kids with you. They might crawl and roll on the floor while they play.



It’s not right that you ignore the trash and unruliness inside the hotel room just because you paid for it and the hotel room cleaners will be there. That’s a big no because the hotel room you booked is not for you to just abuse and misuse; you have a responsibility over it as well. 

You must know how to keep the hotel room clean. “Somebody else is going to clean it,” is not an excuse to show bad manners. How you treat and leave the hotel room tells a lot about the kind of person that you are. Be considerate enough to the housekeeping room attendants. 

Make it a sanitary hotel stay. Clean as you stay, and clean as you go. 


Nicole Ann Pore finds glee in writing about travel — world destinations, accommodation, tourist sites, vacation spots and everything else related to it! For her, the beauty of this world is amazing and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the purest ways to acknowledge it. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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