Free Top 6 Tips On How To Get Baby Soft Skin in Winters


Today, you can find lot of new products online when it comes to getting perfect and baby soft skin in winters. There is plethora of choices to choose from but selecting one can overwhelm anyone. Here, you will find top tips on how you get baby soft skin without spending fortune on different fair and white skincare available online. Keep reading to find tricks and methods to keep your skin glow for longer. 

Method 1: Daily Cleansing

Twice Everyday: First things first, for fair and white intense skin tone more than using suitable products for your skin type, it is essential to cleanse your face daily. You can use any mild cleaner and then apply moisturizer after washing. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout daytime to stay hydrated. Keeping your body well hydrated is good and essential for your healthy appearance. 

  1. Choose soap-free facial, body wash and fair and white intense power lotion to cleanse in morning. 
  2. Next, you can go for specially formulated facial cleanser from your favorite brand in afternoon. 
  3. Use soft sponge and cleaning your face once again in evening time.
  4. If you have sensitive skin then to nourish your skin try natural oils. 

Method 2: Exfoliation

Three Times In One Week: Using exfoliating techniques will help you remove dead skin. Moreover, it can aid good skin conditions, remove dirt, and makes your skin baby soft. In case of sensitive skin, exfoliate bi-weekly. 


  1. Use exfoliating scrubs, you can buy one online, there are plethora of varieties available.
  2. You can purchase shower gloves and sponge, especially for exfoliating purposes. 
  3. Gently rub sponge up and down your legs, torso, and back to remove dead skin.
  4. Do Not Press too hard. 

Lastly, pat dry with fluffy towel, then use fair and white intensive brightening lotion to repair skin cells. 

Method 3: Add Moisture

  1. Choosing Moisture: Finding right moisturizer is key to healthy skin. It is recommended to change your moisturizer product if required. In case, your old moisturizer is not giving positive results then perhaps it is right time to change your product. You can use moisturizer with fair and white intense cream.
  2. Applying Moisture: In steam-filled room applying moisturizer offers maximum benefits as your skin pore is still open making it more receptive. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to choose product that is made especially for sensitive skin. 

Method 4: Outdoor Protection

It is highly recommended to wear sunblock when setting out of home. Sun’s harmful UV rays can easily damage your skin. Use fair and white intense lotion whenever possible during your daytime shift. 

Method 5: Bedtime Routine

At night during bedtime make sure to put moisturizer on area of body that you wish to be softer and smoother. Select particularly dry areas like feet, knee, elbows, and face. Apply moisturizer during night-time works best for everyone.  Remember to wear proper clothing to prevent moisture to transfer from skin to bedding. 

Method 6: Hand-Made Products

You can hand-made exfoliation at home as well: –

  1. Wash face with warm water
  2. To make exfoliation serum use honey, sugar, and half lemon. 
  3. Pour two tablespoon honey and sugar in bowl and then lemon.
  4. Mix it well
  5. Rub on skin for five minutes and that’s it.

Additionally, use milk and honey to get baby soft skin easily.

Wrapping Up

It is essential to make skincare routine for up-level your skin tone. Start using f&w intense lotion with your favorite product. With skincare routine you will be able to see massive change in your skin within 2-3 days, moreover, follow aforementioned steps to get 100% positive results. 

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