Build Your Own Dog Walking App like Uber


Pet ownership in the United States has witnessed surge where around 85 Million families, now own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA)

Dog Walking App

Pet ownership in the United States has witnessed surge where around 85 Million families, now own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

Are you a dog lover?

Then you can easily understand that owning a dog is the biggest joy in your life. However, taking care of your furry babies isn’t always easy and fun and involves hardship. Dogs are animals of routine and love to handle their business on the scheduled hours. Due to lack of time and other commitments, it becomes hard to give time to your pet, and take them out for a walk or feed them on time.

This is where the digital solution for dog-walking has intervened, and bring on-demand Uber for dog walking services.

In this article, we have gathered the essentials to create a successful app like Uber for finding dog walkers. So what are you waiting for let’s find out some ‘Pawsome’ features to make Uber for dog walking.

Features that bring trust within the platform

A dog-walking platform has to be built with the utmost safety in the mind, as it deals with taking care of pets. Hence, your portal must provide a safe and credible mechanism to run the functionality. Below, are some features that can help to fill the trust gap

Dog walker background checks

The reason, this feature is mentioned at the top, is due to the security app needs to provide. The background check must be a part of the dog walking app without any fail. There must be a process, where the platform will own responsibility to check the credibility of dog-walkers to ensure that dog owners can trust them and the portal as well.

Panels required for dog-walking services

  • Dog-owner app panel
  • Dog-walker app panel
  • Admin panel

Dog Owner App

  • View Dog Walker Profile – This feature lets the dog owners view the walker’s profile, consisting of experience, visiting fees, reviews, and contact details.
  • Schedule/Cancel Appointment- Dog owners can book or cancel an appointment as per their requirements.
  • Notification Alerts- On scheduling appointments, dog owners will get the detailed information of a dog walker.
  • Tracking- It lets dog owners locate dog walkers, and hire their services.
  • In-app payments – In-app payments enable dog walking service platform to work seamlessly. It offers secure, reliable, and multiple payment options. And users can select the best payment option fitting their requirements.
  • Schedule- With this feature, dog owners can see the availability of walkers. And schedule the visit as per their requirements.

Dog Walker App

  • Real-Time Requests-  Helps in getting the booking requests instantly on the app dashboard to manage them efficiently.
  • Availability- It lets walkers showcase their availability to pet owners.
  • Customer Information- This feature allows dog-walkers to get relevant details about the dog owner, place and any other specific detail.
  • Navigation- With the help of the navigation feature, dog walkers can get the easy-to-follow route to reach the destination.
  • Profile Creation- Users can set up their profiles and add important information.
  • Earnings details- Dog-walkers get the option to track their appointments & earnings.

Admin Panel

  • Manage Bookings- Helps in managing all bookings and requests on the app.
  • Advanced Analytics- Get reports on the number of requests, bookings, commissions, and other aspects.
  • Manage Customers/Dog Walkers- Allows admin to manage requests from pet owners and assign jobs to dog walkers.
  • Notifications- Inform pet-owners and dog walkers any new message through discounts, and push & SMS.
  • Manage Payments- It lets the smooth payment process, including optimizing prices, set commissions, dog walker payouts, and much more.

Advanced features

  • Referral earnings- This feature can be used for both the panels, letting users earn points by inviting their friends who have pets or want to try dog-walking service.
  • Live Streaming- Dog owners can watch their fur-babies live with the dog walker to ensure that everything is fine with the pooch.
  • Test potential walkers- Dog owners can also test potential walkers to ensure they can walk dogs without accidents. This can involve a quiz on general dog care and safety, and information about different types of collars and harnesses. Dog walkers must pass this test to ensure safety.
  • Ratings and reviews- This feature lets the users provide feedback for each other. This helps in offering a safe platform, where dog owners can trust the services they book. Here within the feedback feature, there are multiple other forms available, like reviews, ratings, votes, and comments. This helps Dog walkers to gain trustworthy rating and get more business.

Food for thought

On-demand dog walking app development needs to work seamlessly both on mobile devices and desktops. Also, it is very important to integrate features that ensure safety and transparency, else it would be hard to attract dog owners and dog-walkers to use the platform.

Many other essential features and functionalities can be added into the platform to fill the trust gap in your dog walking app. Reach Techugo experts to discuss developing a prosperous dog-walking platform. Leave your details below, get an estimate for your Own Uber Like Solution for dog-walking service!

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