COVID-19 A Big News:- Scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of a coronavirus vaccine

coronavirus vaccine

Good news is here, today daily Ha’aretz, an Israeli news platform announces latest breakthrough made at Israeli Institute of Biological Research.  Scientists now have clear understanding of biological mechanism and qualities of coronavirus Vaccine. The recent announcement was made under supervision of Prime Minister’s office.

coronavirus vaccine

Millions of people are waiting for next announcement which is expected to come as soon as development of vaccine for new COVID-19 is completed. Quoting medical sources, Scientists reports include diagnostic capability, production of antibodies (for already infected) and development to a cure. 

coronavirus vaccine

Overall development process progress is staged in series of tests. Some of test may last many months, but vaccination is going to be effective and safe to use. On other hand, The defense Ministry, has declined any such progress.

Coronavirus Pandemic 

This biological institute is also one of world-renowned research and development agency. 50+ experienced researchers and scientists are working on developing a medical remedy for new coronavirus. It is located in central Israeli town of Nes Tziona and was established in 1952. Earlier it was part of Israel Defense Force Science Corps but now it is a civilian organization. It was on Feb 1 when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered this institute to devote resources to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. During development process, a vaccine has to pass pre-clinical trials on animals. It is important to have pre-clinical test to understand full characterization of side effects.

coronavirus vaccine

Today, we are in global emergency over coronavirus pandemic, an accelerated process is all that we need. In another new by Ynet, Israel’s one of most popular new portals it was reported that approximately five shipments of virus samples have arrived from various places all around world including Japan, Italy and many other countries. Developing a vaccine is an extensive world, requires expertise and numerous researches. 

Another Hurdle in development process is the way vaccine morphs when it moves from animal to human beings. Although China has released complete genetic sequence of virus on open scientific database shortly after outbreak. Ever since release many research institutes and commercial companies are trying to develop a sample. 

One possible coronavirus vaccine developed by biotechnology company named Moderna, Inc, based in Boston was sent to US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.  The vaccine will go through clinical trials soon, and vaccines by Israel will presumably need to take a similar approach for approvals.

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