Dreaming Of Stone Wall Cladding For Your Garden?

stone wall cladding

Stylish and sleek, stone wall cladding offers a simple yet impactful way to give your garden a facelift. 

Perfect for boring perimeter brick walls, external structural walls, and backdrops for garden bars, stone wall cladding can renovate them all. 

It’s an undeniably popular option, but why do we love stone wall cladding so much? Read on to find out why you need stone wall cladding in your outdoor space in 2023.

Stone wall cladding is easy to install 

Not only is stone wall cladding incredibly low maintenance, but it’s also very easy to install. 

Anyone with DIY experience can install stone wall cladding, and there are plenty of DIY videos online you can watch to walk you through it.   

To change the appearance of your wall quickly and easily, simply apply a tile adhesive or cement to your existing walls and add the stone cladding.  Be sure to fill all gaps between the stones with grout mortar or sand cement to seal the stone and keep it waterproof. 

And that’s it! Job done! 

Stone wall cladding won’t break the bank 

Full-sized quarried stone can be very expensive. 

Stone wall cladding however uses much smaller strips of natural stone- usually waste products that are being repurposed, which makes them much more affordable. 

Similarly, stone wall cladding is a better choice because:

  • It’s better for the environment, as it uses up all of the quarried stone.
  • It breaks less in transit, resulting in less waste.
  • It can incorporate mixed colours to give a totally unique finish. 

Stone wall cladding with endless options 

As stone wall cladding is generally supplied in mixed-colour packs, this gives homeowners the option to create a completely bespoke stone wall. 

Generally, the stone is supplied in matching tones, so that warm-toned stone is matched with other warm-toned stones, allowing them to complement each other despite being different colours. 

This makes any new stone wall cladding much more likely to match up with existing colours and tones found in the garden, resulting in a higher-end finish. 

Find a stone wall cladding supplier today

Good quality stone wall cladding suppliers should be able to give you a wide range of colours and tones to choose from, allowing you to reinvent existing walls and structures, or create brand-new features within your outdoor space. 

Easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and endlessly stylish, stone wall cladding looks set to be a key feature in our gardens for many years to come. 

Transform your exteriors with stone wall cladding in 2023 and you’ll be enjoying the benefits for many years, too!

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