Handbook For The Recently Deceased

Handbook For The Recently Deceased

This is a blank paperback journal in the vein of “BeetleJuice” director Tim Burton’s Handbook for the Recently Deceased (1988). No matter what you write, it will probably seem like stereo instructions even if you fill it with your ridiculous notions.

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A manual for spirits who have recently passed away, The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. After their deaths, a copy showed up at the Maitland home.

It has been said that the manual reads like “stereo instructions.”


Live people tend to ignore the unexpected and strange.

Functional characteristics differ between manifestations (put more simply outside of the book, all deaths are personal, and the limitations between ghosts are based on how a person lived and died).


  • Draw a door and knock it three times in an emergency.
  • Additionally, there are instructions for a seance that really works on ghosts, but unless the person reading them is intelligent enough to change a car tyre (let alone notice which part of the incantation is better left out), a side effect of it causes the summoned ghost(s) to be subject to exorcism, which is death for the dead! All that is required is the exhibition of a memento from the deceased’s life along with the chant that goes “Vermillion hands at the outset of five. Raven’s dive, a bright cotillion. Spirits search for the promise of nightshade. Let the dead now come to life for the living.”
  • There is a frightening chapter in the intermediate interface, and it seems straightforward.

Notes and Background Information

  • Based on an unnamed psychology textbook, several handbook props that were identical to one another were produced. Based on the Preface, it might be Edward B. Greene’s Measurements of Human Behaviour. the webpage for this manual.
  • The book is unchanged save from the cover and the first few pages.
  • On Heritage Auctions, an authentic manual prop brought $6,875.

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