In 2011, doctors and medical informatics experts founded the clinical informatics association HITEKS. During the most crucial phase of the healthcare revenue cycle, HITEKS is committed to bringing the most cutting-edge technology and personnel to support healthcare professionals at the point of care and provide proactive workflow assistance to Physician Workflow (CDI), CAPD (Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation), and CDS (Clinical Decision Support) experts.

By concentrating on each individual doctor’s capacity to record acceptable quality (such as Elixhauser chronic conditions, HCC) and reimbursement-related (CC/MCC/DRG models) situations, HITEKS has developed a potent methodology to enhance health care provider reputation.

HITEKS was founded in 2011 to support the push for HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) in the global healthcare industry. Since then, the company has worked tirelessly and spent millions of dollars on R&D to give healthcare professionals timely information and pertinent analytics to help them manage and navigate the abundance of healthcare information, boost ROI, and recommend the best evidence-based care and documentation for patients.

To enhance the quality of documentation, physician and health system reimbursement, and real-time clinical alignment of revenue cycle management, HITEKS is available in both ambulatory and inpatient settings. The ICD-10 era’s poor coding documentation is minimised, physician productivity and satisfaction are improved, and clinical complexity is appropriately documented. It connects in real-time at the point of care, where the clinical data is entered. The process then enhances documentation and seamlessly feeds this data into the current workflow for reimbursement submission and quality reporting. Our enterprise technology seeks to boost physician productivity, revenue collection, and high-quality documentation and reporting. Clinical and financial experience show that obtaining these big changes with quantified benefits has been extremely successful to date.\

There are three levels of diagnostic accuracy for your delivery network’s documentation: good, better, and embedded.

Effective patient care depends on physician engagement for accurate diagnosis. We provide clinical tools with point-of-care recommendations for doctors, not coding tools for coders. With HITEKS, you can lessen the workload on doctors, facilitate workflow efficiency, and enhance patient outcomes.

The HITEKSTM Insight platform is the only Note Editor that is integrated into EHR processes, making it the only source that complies with requirements to assist in completing documentation for accurate diagnoses and equitable reimbursement. Physicians use HITEKS because we are the only totally embedded solution integrated with Epic and because of our focus on usability with the EHR.
Correct clinical notes immediately at the time of care. Build up your reputation. safeguard revenue. Gain better rankings

HITEKS offers advantages over the others that get results:

  1. The inclusion of HITEKS in the Epic EHR enhances physician, quality, and CDI adoption and use.
  2. created and updated by doctors for doctors, favouring “MD-speak” in the clinical setting above “ICD-10-speak” in coding.
  3. Contrary to other companies’ one-size-fits-all methods, our CAPD360 can be tailored to your needs.
  4. Compliance and usability for medical staff as well as facility staff.

HiTeks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Where is HiTeks’s headquarters?

    HiTeks’s headquarters is located at 477 Broadway, New York.

  • What is HiTeks’s latest funding round?

    HiTeks’s latest funding round is Seed.

  • How much did HiTeks raise?

    HiTeks raised a total of $20K.

  • Who are the investors of HiTeks?

    Investors of HiTeks include Blueprint Health.

  • Who are HiTeks’s competitors?

    Competitors of HiTeks include Robin Healthcare, Ubie, Health Note, Regard, Valhalla Healthcare and 11 more.

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