How to Create Infographics for Your Blog


One of the most helpful tools for presenting content visually is infographics. It is a combination of graphics and text, which makes the information easily digestible. 

Carefully created infographics can catch the attention of a target group; it’s the situation when the image speaks louder than the text, as our eyes get fixed on the most important data. 

Infographics increase the chances to promote the brand, increase the number of followers and make the ideas go viral. 

Infographics are not about telling people how good or bad something is, it’s about showing it. And considering that 65% are visuals, they will definitely grab your message. 

Creating the infographic isn’t difficult, however, it requires planning and time. Want to see the result – have a little patience. 

Steps to follow:

Choose the software

Surely, the web space has a lot of variants of companies that can help you create infographics. However, don’t just go for the first timeline maker you see on the list. Check their client’s history and reviews.  Besides, the majority of tools offered are quite simple and can be learned within a short period of time. Among the most common services to use are Canva, Vista Create, Piktograph, etc. 

Choose the type of infographic

In order to deliver the message to the readers, it’s important to use the most appropriate way of visual communication – statistical, informational, timeline, comparison, hierarchical, list, etc; they can also be formed into maps, charts, and timelines.

Define the key features of the infographic

The most important things to consider are design and visual aesthetics, statistics, target group, and the information to show. 

Make the outline 

The outline is your structure. It must be directed by one and only idea – what do you want your readers to understand? Afterward, you need to define the key points, along with facts and statistics to support your message. After deciding on the informational load, choose the fonts and colors – they should be eye-pleasing, yet non-distracting. 

Choose the ways to promotion

It takes time and hard work to create the infographic, yet making it recognizable to the audience is an even bigger challenge. You can use social media and press releases, ask your followers to share the infographics and make a friendly exchange with other bloggers.  

By using the infographics you can significantly increase the number of readers and views, which will help you blog grow. 

What are the other types of visuals to choose for a blog?


Images always take the lead. They bring diversity and color to your page. As the child waits for a picture in a book, the reader wants to see the images related to the text as they personalize the content. You can create the images yourself or use the ones that are available online (free-shared). It’s crucial to be attentive to the licensed images, as you can be fined for using them without permission. 


Videos are in the spotlight now, and are used everywhere by everyone. It’s a chance to retain attention and present the information in the most efficient way possible. According to the surveys, videos help to memorize 95% of the information, while text is only 10-20%, depending on the attention span. 


Diagrams are great for presenting the figures, as they depict more simplified data. While the text contains too many explanations, diagrams contain the essentials and every person looking at it will grab the point. 


Such tiny characters, however, make a big difference. They became widely used because of social media. Memes add some fun and easiness to the information provided. It helps to balance too complex texts. 


Presentations help to make a summary of everything mentioned. They can be used as an offline tool to recall the information. As with other visuals, it aims to provide the most important data, with no excessively described things. 

Using visuals for your blog is one of the most effective tools for developing its populatity. In order to make the information more accessible for the readers it’s important to present it portion-like, as it is becomes more comprehensible, especially now, in the era of fast-paced life – people will just not spend their time for long reads, instead they will remember the images you used. For an efficient online communication it’s worth creating “speaking” visuals. 

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