How to Select The Best Automatic Testing Tool for UAT

UAT User Acceptance Testing 

UAT User Acceptance Testing serves as a mandatory process that must be performed by business organizations. Any application developed for ultimate users must be tested before these are delivered to them. The acceptance testing helps in the identification of any defects in the application that can be rooted out before their final delivery. But these are generally tested by the ultimate users or developers, but a business organization can itself take up the task of carrying out user acceptance testing. There are various processes through which acceptance testing can be carried out, including manual as well as automated testing.

Automated testing, in comparison to manual testing, is a more reliable and hassle-free approach to carrying out the acceptance testing process. Better test coverage, hassle-free completion of testing procedures, and saving business costs can all be made possible through the adoption of dedicated and automated testing tools. Various companies make available dedicated automation testing tools that one can opt for. However, selection of the same requires an understanding of various aspects. They are as follows:

  1. Flexibility and scalability:

The automated testing tools must be flexible enough that can help in carrying out the User acceptance testing procedures for various types of solutions. An automated testing tool must be capable of analysing different types and versions without any hassle. Moreover, this must possess the necessary capability to scale them that can prove beneficial for various organizations and their solutions.

  1. Easy to understand interface:

The automated testing tools delivered must even possess an easy-to-understand interface. Moreover, these must even possess the capabilities to be integrated with normal business operations. 

  1. Seamless automation:

The platform must even possess the capability to completely automate the process of user acceptance testing. The platform must possess the necessary testing scripts that can carry out automated testing procedures. Moreover, the gaps in the test scripts must be easy to identify, and necessary resolutions for the same must be revealed as well.

  1. Free from any codes:

The testing tool must be free from any course. Pre-built testing scripture must be made available, which can help in reducing the hassle for testers and developers. The only objective of the developers must be to resolve the bugs within the application identified through user acceptance testing.

  1. Timely reporting:

The automation tool must even be capable of generating dedicated reports consisting of all the necessary information that may prove beneficial for business users. An extensive report must be generated that can help in future decision-making.

Opkey is known for making available the best-automated testing solutions that can prove beneficial for user acceptance testing. These are free from any codes and based upon artificial intelligence-based technology that can easily carry out the testing procedure without any hassle. The overall process of carrying out testing procedures can be made easy, swift, and optimized. The company is known for making available the best-automated testing solutions for hassle-free user acceptance testing.

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