How To Write A Resignation Letter Example- Tips for 2023

How To Write A Resignation Letter - Tips for 2023

Check out our free resignation letter samples and learn why and how to draught a strong resignation letter. Every good thing (and awful thing) must come to an end, so when it’s time to quit your work, you need to create a considerate and expert resignation letter that strikes all the appropriate notes and doesn’t strike any unfavourable chords.

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However, you’ll probably want to find a more classy leaving method unless you want to become a permanently unhireable media star. And because of that, among other things, you’ll need to prepare an official resignation letter to inform your employer that you’ll be leaving.

This essay will discuss the value of a strong resignation letter, how to write one, and other wise advice to assist you in moving on without destroying any relationships.

Resignation Letter Sample

Review examples of a printed and an email resignation letter.

Andrew Martin
234 Main Street
Downtown, CA 12345
[email protected]

Dec 8, 2022

Sarah Williams
Senior Manager
Sarah Furniture Store
143 Business Road
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Sarah,

I would like to notify you that I am resigning from my position as assistant manager for Sarah Furniture Store effective Dec 8, 2022.

I appreciate the chance you’ve given me to learn everything there is to know about managing a business and providing excellent customer service. I’ve had a great time working for the company, and I think the experience has taught me a lot about the furniture business and how to lead people well.

I’ll be starting a new job as a manager of a retail store the following month. I’ll be pleased to help you transfer to a new assistant manager in the interim.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Andrew Martin

Formal Resignation Letter Check List

A good resignation letter should include the following at a minimum.

  • Current Date
  • Company name, and address
  • Statement of resignation
  • State what your last day will be
  • A two weeks notice period
  • Your job title
  • Your appreciation for the opportunity
  • An offer of help during the transition period
  • Your name and signature

This free sample resignation letter guide’s objectives are as follows.

  1. Why is a strong resignation letter necessary when quitting or changing careers?
  2. Display the elements and structure of a resignation letter that is effective.
  3. Give you a sample resignation letter that you may customize for your needs.
  4. Samples of writing for each section of the resignation letter should be provided
  5. Describe the proper structure and formatting of a resignation letter.
  6. Think about the nine types of notice letters.

Why Is A Resignation Letter Required?

The major justification for writing one is that, in some businesses, a resignation letter is an official letter with official consequences. Your formal resignation letter will serve as evidence that you have given the two weeks’ notice that may be required by contract. This will defend you in legal issues and act as a weapon to protect your rights in the event of a more dire circumstance. This is essentially “professional hygiene” that keeps you out of sticky situations.

The second reason for writing a resignation letter has to do with maintaining your professional status. The notice letter is a tool for making a smooth transition between jobs or careers and for maintaining your standing in your field. I hope you have another job lined up before you quit yours. But if that position doesn’t continue forever, you’ll likely need another resignation letter later on. Additionally, whether you want them to or not, potential employers can insist on contacting your prior employment for references. Additionally, you might want to request a recommendation letter from your manager for future use.

So even if you despise your current position, you should try to leave on good terms. Until you receive a negative one, your professional reputation could seem like an irrelevant concept. After that, it all too soon becomes a reality. People are frequently shocked by how challenging it is to “wipe away” the taint of even seemingly unimportant tasks. Therefore, if you want to save your professional status, it would be a bad idea to tell your boss to take a flying jump in your resignation letter.

You might be entitled to severance compensation, retirement benefits, health benefits, or vacation pay. You might need a helpful HR representative to walk you through your options, such as how to extend your health insurance or rollover your retirement benefits. Do you really want to tell your employer in your resignation letter to go jump in the lake and then anticipate the business’s kind cooperation in helping you leave?

Even if your present employer has treated you poorly, you should put your anger aside, act like a respectable employee, and leave on good terms. Check out our sample resignation letters. You’ll look back on this and be glad you did.

How To Write A Bad Resignation Letter 

Sometimes people ask themselves how to compose a “poor” resignation letter. “How can I prepare a letter of resignation from a job I detest?” “Can I submit a letter of negative resignation?” No matter how challenging your experience becomes, maintaining your composure will help you in the long run. This is the advice we will repeat a thousand times over. The chapters above provide some good examples of how to avoid making a bad situation worse.

But disregard all the preceding suggestions if you feel like drafting a bad resignation letter! Be disrespectful, attribute your leave to the business, and make sure to attack the boss directly!

If you prefer your job advice to be visually appealing, check out WikiHow’s tips on drafting resignation letters, which features a large red “X” next to the statement “I quit. Enough is enough,

Even if you suddenly become a Bitcoin millionaire, we hope you never use this sample of a negative resignation letter:

What To Take Into Account Before Sending Your Resignation Letter

Although it may seem painfully apparent, you must be completely certain that you want to quit this position and that the moment is right before you send your letter of resignation.

You probably know better than to leave one job before you have another unless you are affluent enough to survive for months (or, God forbid, years) without money. Even if your prospects are excellent, jumping without a safety net and without giving it much thought is risky unless you have a guaranteed employment offer.

People have been known to retire early without fully comprehending the benefits they are entitled to, only to discover that their monthly income is significantly lower than they had anticipated, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

If you do have a new job lined up, think about the start date and whether it can be adjusted. You might wish to take a break between jobs for a while, and it’s unlikely that your new job will let you take a vacation anytime soon.

If you do decide to take a brief break to reassess your work life, writing a new CV is a wonderful approach to do so. This can assist you not just reflect on the route you’ve taken but also make you rethink where you might want to go next.

You could be able to provide a month’s notice, two weeks’ notice, or even no notice depending on both your prospective employment and your current work. If possible, you should seek a notice period that is longer than the typical two weeks. If you must offer short notice for any reason, be prepared to justify your decision.

You might also work for an employer who wants to terminate your employment and escort you out of the workplace on the day you give notice, or you might work in a position where you have access to trade secrets or other sensitive information. If this is a possibility, you need to be ready to quit your job right away and never come back.

You will normally lose access to the firm’s computer networks and your workplace email account on your last day of employment, even in more routine job separations. You should make a backup of your important contacts and personal files, as long as doing so does not violate any legal or contractual responsibilities, so you may access them outside the workplace network.

Tell Your Supervisor Before Telling Your Friends.

In any firm, a job leave may make major news, and information spreads quickly. Therefore, even though you might be anxious to tell your coworkers that you’ll soon be giving notice, it’s usually not a good idea to do so.

Although it may be tempting, your closest friends cannot inform anyone about your departure. Naturally, they will begin “confidentially” releasing this information to everyone else. Before you know it, the boss will be caught off guard by information that the rest of the department is already aware of.

This is neither professional nor stylish. The person who NEEDS to know about your leave is your supervisor, even though many people WANT to. Until then, keep your cards close to your vest.

Explain The Situation Calmly To Your Boss In Person.

Breaking up is difficult to accomplish, as the song puts it, and there are good and incorrect ways to go about it. Ideally, you wouldn’t break up with your significant other by text message, and you shouldn’t be so rude to your employer.

Ask your boss if he or she has a moment when you knock on the door. Schedule a meeting if necessary. Try your best to inform your boss in person that you will be quitting this position. No one will condemn you as long as you are real and honest, even though this scenario may be frightening or upsetting. Remain upbeat and cordial.

If a meeting is unavoidable for any reason, a phone call is typically your next-best alternative. If neither of these options are available, think about sending an email stating that you must speak with someone immediately, either in person or by phone.

Have Your Letter Of Resignation Ready

You ought to have your formal resignation letter prepared before notifying your employer of your impending leave. In fact, you might want to print it out, have it signed, place it in an envelope, and deliver it in person to the recipient when you break the news.

Alternately, you might need to be prepared to send your letter via email immediately following this meeting. This will immediately satisfy that requirement if time is of the essence—for instance, if you need to send your two weeks’ notice today.

You might wish to find out from your boss whether you should let the HR Division or the office manager know that you’re leaving. Depending on your circumstances, you might also want to find out if it’s acceptable to inform your coworkers that you will be departing right now.

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The following should be taken into consideration while deciding how to write a resignation letter. The best method of resignation would be to write a letter, print it, sign it, and hand deliver it to the proper party. If your company’s human resources department provides specific resignation instructions, abide by them. Wishing you success in your new role.

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