Quick Tips To Remove Your Car Dents By Yourself


Removing a dent from a car is not always expensive. You can do it by yourself by using appropriate techniques and the right tools. Here is how to do it quickly at home

Quick Tips To Remove Your Car Dents By Yourself

Imagine you have purchased a brand new car and just after a few hours you get a dent on it. How would it feel?  Annoyed. Exactly! Just like nobody can compromise on one’s health, a car is something on which one cannot ignore such annoying dents.

Since these dents can be a nightmare for anyone who owns a car. So, don’t worry because here are some of the most effective and easy ways to remove small dents on your car:

Boiling water

First of all, check if the dent can be removed by yourself or not. If the dent is not removable on your own or if there are risks of further damage to the car, then you may also visit any auto detailing Service Near Mount Pleasant SC if you are living there.

The simplest way to remove a dent from a plastic bumper is to pour on some hot boiling water over it. By throwing hot water on the plastic bumper will make the plastic flexible, which will make it easy to put back the dent in its place.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Another way to remove a dent is simply by using a suction method with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Simply take a bowl or bucket to make a suction pump by making a hole in the center of the bucket or bowl and tape it around the dent. Now, put the hose of vacuum cleaner inside of the hole you made underneath the bucket or bowl. In this way, you may easily pull out the dent.

Use a Plunger

Not only do you use the plunger to unclog drains but, it can also be used to get rid of small to medium shallow dents of your car. All you need is a cup plunger, some water, and your energy to push and pull. Throw some water on the dent and plunger, then start pushing and pulling the plunger until the dent pops out.

Hair Dryer And Compressed air

Simple yet another effective way is by using two household things that are compressed air and a hairdryer to remove dents. As auto detailing costs can be too much for a small dent, one can get rid of it by themselves.

Start giving the highest temperature to the dent which will help the material expand as soon as the area gets enough heat, take the can of liquified compressed air in an upside-down position, and spray it in the same area. The sudden change in temperature will make the material contract and so, the dent will pop out.


Everyone wants their cars to look flawless as it was purchased just a few minutes ago. However, it is inevitable to get a dent or scratch on the car. None can ignore such dents as they can devalue the worth of your car. Also, dents can make your vehicle look bad and old.

However, these amazing worthwhile techniques can help you keep your car in its best look. In case of any severe problem, you can also contact the auto detailing service.


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