Tips for Buying Rugs Online

Persian rugs add beauty and charm to any room but they can be expensive.  If you decide to buy Persian rugs online Australia, you want to make sure you are getting one that is authentic and of good quality.  To know if it is a Persian rug, you need to look at the underside to see if it is a hand-knotted rug because that is the way these types of rugs are made.

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When you are considering buying Persian rugs online Australia, this can be hard to do so make sure the seller is reputable.  When looking online at a Persian rug, talk to the seller and ask them to show you a closeup of the backside of the rug.  Through the rug’s backing, the pattern on the back of a real hand-knotted rug will be very visible.  It may not be a hand-knotted rug if the pattern does not clearly show through.  You should also ask them to show you a clear photo of the rug so you can look closely at the pattern and colors.  Check the backside to be sure the colors and pattern match.

Look for the label and if you don’t see it ask the seller to show you a closeup of the label and then when it is located on the rug.  If it is an authentic, hand-knotted rug, it will show that it was made in Iran.  If there is no label, then it probably is not authentic and you should look at another place to purchase it.  When they show you the picture of the label on the back of the rug, make sure that the pattern you can see is the same as the one you were looking at and that the label is not on another rug.

When buying general rugs online Australia, be sure that you measure the area correctly.  This also goes for your Persian rug.  You want to make sure that it is going to fit in the area where you are putting it.  If you are putting it in a room with heavy furniture and do not want to lift it to put the rug under it, just measure to the furniture and not to the wall.

Look for how durable the rug will be so look at the product description.  You don’t want to purchase light rugs online in Australia for an area that gets a lot of heavy foot traffic.  It would stain easier and wear out quicker.  You should look for rugs with a low pile even though they will be less plush and stiffer, they will wear better and be easier to take care of.


If you can go to a rug shop to get your rugs, it would be better because you can see the rug, ask questions, and know if it is an authentic hand-knotted Persian rug or if the colors will work in the room.  Online, sometimes colors are not as bright or vivid as they are when you see them in a store.  Do your homework and know what you are getting when buying rugs online.

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