Tips for Setting Up Your Trade Show Tables


With Trade Show Tables and custom printing from TradeShowPlus, you can do just that, but you need to come up with some ideas for what you want your display to be.

When you attend a trade show, you can be competing with a lot of tabletop displays that feature similar elements. You certainly know by now that you need to find a way to stand out among the crowd.

There are several things you can do, but with limited space, you need to get creative. With Trade Show Tables and custom printing from TradeShowPlus, you can do just that, but you need to come up with some ideas for what you want your display to be.

Luckily, we have a few tips to offer you.
Showcase Your Brand – Your logo and brand are important to draw a crowd to your display. You want to have your logo big and bold so it can be seen across the room. Remember that your display is only so big, so you want the logo to be prominent. The quality of the image you use is important as well. Even if you don’t have the biggest display, you don’t want to come up short on the quality that can resonate with others.

Eliminate Unnecessary Text – Your display doesn’t have to do all of the talking. It is designed to bring a crowd to see what your business and products are all about, but your presentation can generate interest in your business. Your trade show booth should be free of any unnecessary elements, notably text. Many people at trade shows exhibits don’t have time to read a lot of information. At most, you need a noticeable image and the name of your business to be bold and visible and bring the attention and your presentation to take care of the rest.

Keep It Simple – When it comes to choosing fonts, colors, and images, be sure to keep it simple. You don’t want your tabletop trade show display to be too bold or difficult to read. Keeping things simple can be more than enough to get people interested. It allows them to learn more about you from your presentation of the products or from you as the owner of the business than from a display.

Trade show tables are a great and simple way to set up shop at a trade show and draw in a crowd. There are always ways to change up your display with eye catching graphics or by positioning it differently on the table so it falls in the line of sight of specific guests at the trade show.

When you want to get a quality display for trade show tables, turn to TradeShowPlus. They have everything you need to have a successful trade show experience and can offer you affordable prices on the materials you need. You can also get state-of-the-art printing so your branding is taken care of long before you step into the trade show environment.

For 17 years, TradeShowPlus has provided thousands of trade show and advertising materials, so browse around and find the items you need to have success at your next show and make your presentation everything you want it to be.

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