Top 10 Small Business Web Design Agencies


To promote their company, many business owners decide to establish their online presence through a website. An attractive platform can introduce your startup to the potential audience, reveal the product value, and improve your business performance. As its creation process can be challenging and requires a stack of qualities to make it look good and function perfectly, they need professional help. If you want to receive an enticing and efficient product, it is vital to choose a small business web design company carefully. So, get acquainted with our tips to help you choose the most applicable option for your business.

How to Choose a Web Design Agency for Small Business 

  • Determine your needs

Before you start looking for a design agency, it is necessary to understand the set of functions you want your website to have. We recommend making a list of your preferences, so that you can provide them to the selected agency later. Decide on the availability of online payment, synchronization with CRM, integration with your email platform, direct filling of forms, the number of pages, etc.

  • Define the budget size

To narrow your search, you should set the budget size. As the prices can range from one agency to another, it is important to define what you can afford within your budget. So, be ready to manage your preferences, if needed, or expand the budget.

  • Analyze portfolios

Many design companies represent their portfolios online to showcase the results of their work. Look through their clients’ websites, thus you can understand if they approach each customer individually. Besides, you can find out which design concept appeals to you more.

  • Find reviews 

For successful cooperation, a design agency should have a friendly, competent team that is ready to meet your requirements and offer their own ideas and necessary changes to bring your website to perfection. It is crucial to read reviews and testimonials, so that you can find a reliable company to work with.

  • Contact agencies

Publicly available information may not be enough, so to get more details, you need to contact the agency directly. You can give them a call or fill in the contact form on their website to clarify prices on your project, specify the provided services, and identify the way they communicate with their potential clients.

Top 10 Small Business Web Design Agencies 

To simplify your choosing process, we selected for you the most remarkable agencies for small business.  

  • Ester Digital

With 7+ years of experience, Ester Digital provides trustworthy design services that will definitely appeal to you. Among them are UI/UX design, custom illustrations, stationary and presentation design, front- and back-end development, and brand projection. The team of professional specialists creates laconic and hand-crafted platforms from scratch and transforms the existing ones into excellent effective tools for various industries: healthcare, eCommerce, restaurant, b2b, e-learning, etc.

  • Conzumr Buzz

Working with different industries, Conzumr Buzz allows small and large companies to build their online presence. Their team creates cost-effective strategies based on each business individually and offers relevant solutions through SEO, Web Design & Development, Review Acquisition, Ad Campaigns, Content Creation.

  • The Bureau of Small Projects

This agency specializes in small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. They brought together branding, web development, and marketing experts to provide efficient services that help small projects stand out in a highly competitive digital market. So, they stand for increasing revenue and startup promotion.

  • Funnel Boost Media

Funnel Boost Media focuses on creating websites that boost the company’s conversion rates. They know what kind of platform will turn visitors into customers. So, their experienced team of digital marketers stands for attractive sites to increase business revenue.  

  • eSEOspace

eSEOspace is a marketing company that provides design, startup acceleration, web development, smm, and seo services. Their experts conduct consultations, build marketing strategies to improve business visibility, optimize SEO, develop charming designs, and create engaging social media content. 

  • Top Notch Dezigns

The main specialization of Top Notch Dezigns is custom web design. Concentrating on revealing brand identity and delivering business value proposition, their competent specialists build responsive websites by implementing the latest technologies and integrations and making the user experience convenient and understandable.

  • Lounge Lizard

Having a wide expertise in digital marketing, design and development, Lounge Lizard brings into life unique ideas for sites and mobile apps and helps businesses grow. As for industries, they work with b2b, b2c, e-commerce, finance, government, and non-profit organizations.

  • Exaud

Exaud is always in search of innovations, so their services include the creation of software products full of groundbreaking features. They cooperated with the firms of all sizes and built a strong online presence for them, using extensive experience and diving deep into each company’s specifics.

  • Tech Exactly

The Tech Exactly team has worked with 100+ startups. That’s why this agency knows how to bring small businesses to the top. Their designers pay attention to every detail, collaborate professionally with clients, and offer relevant solutions to make successful projects.

  • Uinno

Uinno gathered experts with engineering mindsets to create fully functional products that operate flawlessly. Their people-first approach reflects in their work, so that they conduct discussion sessions with their clients and prevent them from unconscious decisions.

Final thoughts 

Choosing a relevant design agency for small businesses requires time and diligence. It’s not quick and simple work. If you want your website to be one-of-a-kind, efficient, and attractive, you need to do meticulous research, as there are a lot of good agencies out there, but it is vital to find the one that will match your criteria and has experience in creating designs for startups. A responsible and creative design company is a passport to the success of your future platform that will be your brand representation.

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