What Does It Cost To Hire An App Developer For Education?

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Educational and vocational institutions are all boosting their investments in education app development. The reason is that the worldwide e-learning market is expanding massively. Already programs like Google Classroom and Khan Academy are making millions of dollars in revenue each year. It is a huge win-win for an education app development company.

Many educational institutions are investing as more students are enthusiastic about the self-paced learning environment. Nevertheless, they are all interested in learning how much it may cost to construct an educational application and its ROI. As such, businesses can hire Android developer or iOS developers to invest in custom mobile app development.

Aspects influencing the cost of education app developers

Some variables determine education app developer fees per hour. It might become a bit tricky since many of them tend to have a varying impact on the cost. The most crucial elements are as follows.

  • Qualifications and skills

A developer’s rate per hour rises as their expertise level increases. A full stack developer, who can work on the front and back ends of the app, is going to be more costly per hour. 

  • Developer experience

An education app developer with greater experience is paid more per hour than a novice developer. Also, highly experienced developers are expected to produce work of a higher caliber than their less experienced rivals.

  • Application complexity

An education app development company may charge a higher price for a complex education app. It can include complex features as per the requirements of the client. Conversely, the cost may be smaller for a basic application.

  • Technologies

One may create an engaging teaching app with cutting-edge technology like AR and AI. Developers can use them to build 3D classrooms and lifelike instructional simulations for practical training sessions.

One can develop a customized education app with the use of AI. ML algorithms can be used to monitor user behavior and recommend features and lessons that a student might probably find interesting. These factors drastically increase the overall cost.

The specific technological stack can affect the hourly rate of a developer. Programmers specializing in a certain coding language or framework typically earn big salaries than their rivals. 

  • OS platform
    Native development

Businesses with a native mobile application on their platform frequently transform their current web platforms into native mobile applications. The fact that iOS and Android programming is performed progressively might cause the project’s timeframe and cost to inflate. It is valid even if the functionalities are pretty obvious for these businesses, 

  • Cross-platform

It is the best course of action for businesses with a small budget but a target market that uses both Android and iOS. One may need programmers skilled in technologies like Xamarin and Flutter for the development of such educational apps. These applications, when created by talented developers, frequently simply have the same UX as native apps. Since one development life cycle would be used for both types, the total cost of creation would be significantly decreased. Education app developers charge more for native development compared to that cross-platform. 

  • Developer location

The living expenses, the quality of life, and the job market in a particular nation are all factors that have an impact on time and hourly rates. It is the result of the currency and resulting pay discrepancies between other nations. Based on the pay for important roles in various locations, the development cost varies. The cost of hiring an app developer in the United States, for instance, might be up to several times higher than in Europe. An education app developer in the US charges around $120 to $150 per hour. In the UK, the fee is around $100 to $120 per hour. In India, it is around $30 to $50 per hour. 

Apart from the above criteria, there are additional expenses that an app developer may charge. An education app development company can fail to include testing as an essential part of the development lifecycle. Because of this, it increases the investors’ original budget or they are compelled to exclude it entirely from the development lifecycle. However, it may slow down the project’s delivery schedule and, in certain situations, the final product.

SMS alerts, server support, licensing, push alerts, and advertising charges are a few of the other supplementary and largely unrelated costs connected with education app development.


It is impossible to come up with a specific figure for the cost of developing an educational app. Nobody can estimate the cost of an educational app project without knowing the precise requirements. Having said that, one may come up with a more precise estimate if all the aforementioned factors are taken into consideration. However, seeking an education app development company for consultation is an optimal approach.

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