Top 3 Dental Marketing Myths That Need To Be Debunk

How To Create A Dental Marketing Plan For 2023

As a dentist with tons of years of experience and training, learning about dental marketing might be something off your to-do list. 

Focusing on your expertise in taking care of your patients is a priority, and diving deep into marketing for dentists should be done might take a lot of time.

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That is why it is common for dental practices to be clueless about dental marketing and how you can fully leverage this to your success.

Although ROI is the standard scorecard of how effective your dental marketing strategies are, some dentists believe in dental marketing myths. 

The thing about dental marketing myths is some of them sound believable.

Even though these dental marketing myths seem harmless, believing most of them might stop your practice from growing and lose potential ROI if you keep sticking with that beliefs about dental marketing. 

 It is time to let go of these assumptions and do your research first. 

Today we will debunk some common myths about dental marketing. 

1. Word-of-mouth is what I only need.

Word-of-mouth marketing for dentists is still a powerful dental marketing tool. However, this approach should only be part of your dental marketing strategies. 

Since your patients are online most of the week, you should also establish and strengthen your online just like your physical office. Consider your website as your virtual front desk.

A successful practice requires forward thinking– you need to adapt to some technological advancement and other dental marketing strategies to get seen by your patients.

Yes, word-of-mouth is still powerful. So why not combine both words of mouth with dental marketing? You can transform positive reviews into an online format to build your online reputation.  

 2.Dental Marketing Does Not Work.

As business owners, it is normal to feel frustrated when they have not seen the results of promoting their business. 

You might have created a dental website or launched your Facebook page, but none has your expected results. 

Remember, sometimes it is not what you do but how well you do it.

The question is, are you doing your dental marketing right? 

Did you target the right audience? Did you craft the right message? 

Are you leveraging the platforms which suit your practice? 

Do not assume that dental marketing does not work in general – ask yourself if you truly know how to use it to grow your practice.  

You do not have to learn everything about dental marketing. 

Having the right dental marketing agency to market your practice is wise

 then doing it yourself with no clue if it will work or not. 

3. I cannot afford Dental Marketing.

When we focus on instant gratification, It can be difficult for any business owner to see the benefit of an investment when you do not see instant results. 

It requires inner work, time, money, and patients to cultivate long-lasting results.

When you do your dental marketing right, it will keep your business sustainable, relevant and profitable.

A solid dental marketing plan will elevate your practice and reap long-term rewards. 

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Are You Ready To Rise?

Dental marketing is the key to long-term success. We have discussed the most common myths about dental marketing. 

The last myth we need to bust is that marketing is easy. 

Marketing for dentists requires full attention. You have to research and adapt to trends and strategies. Outsourcing dental marketing is easy than doing it yourself.

Lastly, hiring a dental marketing agency will support your dental practice to get leads while you focus on expertise for your patients.

At Rise DDS, we can help you level up your dental practice while ensuring you still have the time to take of your patients.

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