Why AI is The Big Game Changer Of Dental Marketing in 2023

dental marketing 2023

The Rise of Digitized Dentistry and Big Data As consumers using digital devices increase, dentistry becomes more digitized.

Digitized Dentistry increased the data volume resulting to having big data, which needs to be analyzed computationally to reveal trends and patterns.

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Big data is now available to help analyze consumer patterns and behaviour and plan dental marketing strategies.

That is why in marketing for dentists, you should always involve data gathering.

With a projected annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36 percent in 2025, data is one of the most abundant yet, underused dental marketing resources to run successful dental marketing strategies.

One reason is that big data is more challenging to process and measure because of its volume, velocity, variety and veracity.

The problem is that most dentists dont know how to efficiently collect, organize, analyze, and create insights from this data.

That is where Artificial Intelligence comes in.

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

With AI, Dentists can now process big data faster and leverage it to serve their patients efficiently, operate their practices, and integrate dental marketing ideas based on the data findings.

To fully realize how AI and machine learning can improve your dental practices, you need to understand what Artificial intelligence is.

What is Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence refers to the use of algorithms from computers to imitate the cognitive functions of a human being.

It provides an automated way to collect, organize, and analyze data.

This help produces better decision-making based on data algorithms and adjusts to perform smaller tasks to perform actions on our behalf.

Why AI Is The Big Game Changer Of Dental Marketing

Website chatbots, Google Analytics, and Siri are some of the best applications of AI-driven technologies.

But why is it a big game changer in marketing for dentists?

Here are the reasons why:

Reason 1: Accurate Data Analysis for Effective Dental Marketing

With AI, you can now analyze your practice data and use it to work smarter and create better dental marketing campaigns which convert high-value patients. Scaling your dental practice requires a better understanding of your existing patient data.

It can also identify the right platforms and patterns to attract ideal patients. It will help you create personalized ads that cater to the most in-demand dental services based on the given data.

Monitoring your performance with Key Performance Indicators using AI technology allows you to monitor your business and ensures to keep track to meet your goals.

Reason 2: Improved Customer Service For Faster Patient Acquisition 

AI can streamline your workflow on your social media and website while you continue to focus on taking care of your patient.

Chatsystems can now set automated patient reminders for their next dental visit and book online appointments straight from your social media pages and website.

This streamlined booking process is possible when you program chatbots to assist your daily communication with your patients.

Reason 3: Automated Workflows For Productivity

AI can now help you increase your efficiency at work with streamlined workflows.

With streamlined workflows, you can automate some admin tasks, reduce labour costs, produce higher accuracy rates and increase profit margins for your practice.  You can now quickly improve the process of sending requests For Quotes (RFQs) and convert them into order requests.

With automated notifications and reminders across channels, you can smoothen your workflow while ensuring your dental care is top-notch.

Are You Ready To Rise? 

Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in transforming the world of dentistry.

In creating a dental marketing plan, choosing which new technology you need for your dental practice should be a priority.

If you want to jump on the AI bandwagon, you need to implement them in your practice properly and train yourself and your team to adapt to these new changes.

At Rise DDS, we consult which AI technology would suit your dental practice’s needs with the right dental marketing strategies.

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