Traits to Look Out for When Looking for the Best Web Dev Company in the PH


Your IT or web development project is important and nobody will question whether you would need outsider help to complete it.

Your IT or web development project is important and nobody will question whether you would need outsider help to complete it. That’s actually the reason why the Internet and even central business districts in Makati and Ortigas are filled with web development offices. There’s just so much demand for web development companies from big businesses that need it for one thing or another. The only drawback with so much entities vying for the same project being given to them is the fact that the term best web development company gets thrown around that it’s already getting boring and meaningless.

Imagine going through three meetings and each meeting with these IT development firms will produce one moment where somebody utters that they are the best web development company in the Philippines. So that’s a total of three times you heard the claim with nothing to really prove other than some silver-tongue PR.

But in the case you still haven’t really picked a good web developer company in the Philippines and we’re going to make an assumption that you want to work with the best agency or company, then allow us to lay down some traits you can look for in an agency. 

  • Prompt 

Promptness refers to the time it takes for them to respond. Whether its an email, a call back or a meeting. A respectable company, and one who fits the criteria of being called “the best”, knows that your time is valuable. They know that every minute counts and as such does not want to squander away precious time. Even if you haven’t signed an agreement with them yet, you can easily spot which company values your time. In case you end up working with a company who does not provide a swift and prompt response to your queries or requests, you may want to think hard about moving forward with them. 

  • Solution Providing

This trait can be tricky to spot but you can also do some tests of your own devices. If you look at it, there’s a big difference between being a service provider and a solution provider. The terms alone show how different they are. Service provider means a business hires a company to provide a service for them i.e. setting up the network for their office or helping out develop a proprietary software for the business. A solutions provider takes care of everything all in one fell swoop. Like if you have concerns about hardware, the solutions provider could open a realm of possibilities from getting the company a new set of computers and printers, recommend a good supplier for other office supplies; things like that. 

Another example comes in the form of services offered. The service provider will just do the service. Most of them really wouldn’t care if this was the thing that would solve the problem or not. A solutions provider will carefully check to see if this service would work and if there’s another solution that could get the job done and cut costs at the same time.

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